New accrual rules in Timmi Absences

Background Information

This help page will present the objectives and perimeter of the project "New accrual rules" in Timmi Absences.

New accrual rules in Timmi Absences ?

Timmi Absences already has an accrual management system: for instance, it manages automatic accruals (Paid leave, Seniority days, etc.) and is used to projections to days/hours to be accrued, visible in the Timmi Absences home page or during a leave request.

Three main reasons lead the Timmi Absences team to work on new rules:

  • as regards Lucca's development in foreign countries, the current way of managing accrual presents some limits, like managing monthly accruals only. In some countries, vacation / PTO / paid leave are accrued at the frequency of the pay, that might be biweekly, twice a month, etc. 
  • some existing modules could be updated technically and as regards user experience as well (adjustment module, seniority module, etc.)
  • a harmonization is welcome since accrual / adjustment rules are currently dispersed in several modules

The project aims at centralizing accrual management with:

  • configuration in the Regulations, in a dedicated tab Accrual 
  • execution and follow-up in a single interface of the Accruals menu

What are the scope and planning of the project?

The project covers a large list of rules, including existing ones. For example: 

  • accrual of paid leave or TOIL
  • adjustment of entitlements as regards some type of leaves (less Vacation if unpaid leave, etc.)
  • seniority days (that may be based on the seniority and / or age of the employee)
  • split days (French specificity)
  • etc.

Obviously, releasing these rules and gathering all of them in one place will be done progressively.

The order in which rules will be developed is precisely not defined yet. At the time being, the team works on: 

  • adjustement of rights due to some absence (the old module will disappear by the end of 2021) ; this module is one of the oldest in Timmi Absences and a technical and functional update was necessary (see help page on the project)
  • management of a fixed amount at a fiven frequency, with new frequencies possibly (biweekly, twice a month) 

What is the impact for me, what should I do?

No action is required from your part, the team will get back to you when you move to the new rules.

If you use adjustement rules, they should be moved to the new module by the end of the year (see dedicated help page on the project). 

Otherwise, project has no short term impact: vous can still set up accrual in the acquisition profiles, and have a follow-up in the "Acquisition from profiles" entrance in Credit / Debit > Accruals. 

In the long run (1-2 years), accrual configuration will be centralized in the dedicated tab of the regulation, and executed / managed in the single interface of the accrual menu. Obviously, this will happen progressively with dedicated communication at the time.

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