Associating a Cleemy Expenses User to an Anytime Card

Background information

After you have synced your Anytime bank account with Cleemy Expenses, you need to link each user to an Anytime card. You can do this directly in Cleemy Expenses, via the Anytime card management interface.

Conditions for linking a card

There are two prerequisites for linking a Cleemy Expenses user to an Anytime card.

  • you must indicate an Anytime account manager, otherwise you will not be able to save
  • the Anytime card must have a 0 balance so make sure to create these links before crediting money to your cards.

Card management interface

You will find this interface in the ‘Settings’ menu by clicking on the ‘Expense imports’ menu item. Next, you will see an ‘Anytime Cards’ tab to click on.


Linking a card

If a card’s balance is not 0, you cannot change who is linked to it. Otherwise, when you mouse over the row, you will see two icons appear:

  • A stylus for opening a drop-down list and selecting the Cleemy Expenses user to link to an Anytime card.
  • An X for un-linking a user from an Anytime card.

After making the changes (linking or un-linking), simply save them and they will be registered.

After saving, an email will be sent to the user in question. This email contains all the information they need to use their Anytime card.


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