Approval workflow: add an approver

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You need to get another person involved in the process of your reviews, to define a particular validation workflow or do you want to add another approval on certain campaigns, e.g.

  • A CEO's agreement to the annual pay rise or review campaigns
  • The intervention of a member of the HR department for a review after returning from long-term leave, or at the end of the trial period
  • The participation of a second manager or a project/commercial pairing for an end-of-mission report or a review of quarterly goals

This sheet tells you how to configure this option in reviews.

For the moment, it is necessary to check that the intended approvers have access to the read permissions for the reviews. An implicit permission will be added soon.

Add the option in the procedure

In the "Campaigns" tab, open an existing campaign or create a new campaign. In the "Procedure" page, between the employee's completion and validation step, you will see an option concerning the approval.


Several advanced scenarios are now possible: 

  • you want to allow a department head, or an N+2, to agree to a pay rise campaign or annual reviews use the different ranks on offer


  • If you need to involve someone specific, e.g. a member of the management or HR team, you can choose a specific employee


  • Finally, there is a third option if you have the HR file, which involves using simple user-type data to link specific profiles e.g. an HR lead or a project partner.



To see how to add these data on the HR File side, open the Create simple data in the HR file sheet.

If the additional approver has to view the responses, don't forget to check the dedicated permission, even if the approver is the campaign owner. chrome_maR2WWJDFe.png

Overview for the employee and reviewer

The review is not affected by this option for these two participants. Only a visual indication of the additional step appears above the review form.


Overview for the approver

Once the review has been completed by the reviewer, an email notification is sent to the person who then approves:


A new tab becomes available in its left menu (1): the employee can open the reviews on which they must take action (2), then approve or refuse (3)


The approver has two options: 

  • Either they approve and can submit an optional comment, which will be visible in the report to the employee and the reviewer


  • Or they refuse and make a comment visible to the reviewer through a notification


Overview for the administrator

On a campaign configured with an additional approver, a "review approver" column appears, in order to manage the campaign:



As well as its follow-up:


Special cases

Some settings will be blocked or have automatic repercussions:

  • If the approver is also the reviewer
  • Or if the approver is not found

In these specific cases, you will be alerted by a non-critical message in the settings.


On a previously launched campaign, on which changes are currently being made to the data in the HR file, the approval step will be automatically canceled and the review will go directly to employee validation.

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