[NEW] Approval Workflow: Adding an Approver

Background informations

Do you need to involve another person in the interview process, define a specific approval workflow or do you want to add another approval on certain campaigns, such as:

  • The approval of a CEO for annual raises campaigns or annual performance reviews
  • The intervention of a member of the HR department for reviews regarding ong-term leave returns or the end of a trial period
  • The participation of a second manager or a project/sales pair for an end-of-assignment review or a quarterly objectives review

This article will show you how to set up this option in the review.

For the time being, it is necessary to make sure that the intended approvers have access to the review consultation permissions. An implicit permission will be added very soon.

Adding the option in the dropdown menu

In the "Campaigns" tab, open an existing campaign or create a new campaign. While configuring the "Workflow" step, you will see the option to add an approver between the employee prep work and the validation step.


Several advanced scenarios are now possible:

  • If you want to allow the head of department, or a N+2, to give their approval on a raise or annual interview campaign > use the offered hierarchical levels


  • If you need to involve someone specific, such as a member of the Executive Comitee, or the head of HR, you can choose a specific employee


  • Finally, as third option if you are subscribed to Poplee Core HR, you can use the simple user data to associate specific profiles such as an HR contact or a project partner.



To find out more about how to add this data on the HR file side, please check out the article Create a simple data in the HR file.

Overview for the employee and the interviewer

The review is not impacted by this option for these two participants. The additional step will be displayed with a visual indication only.


Overview for the approver

Once the interview has been completed by the manager, an email notification will be sent to the person in charge of the next approval step:


A new tab will be made available in the left menu (1): the approver can display the reviews with pending actions (2), and then choose to approve or decline (3)


The approver has two options:

  • Either approving and leaving an optional comment, which will be visible in the report by the employee and the interviewer
  • Or refusing and entering in a visible comment for the supervisor through a notification

Overview for the administrator

A pre-set campaign with an additional approver will display dedicated columns, to allow ad change the management of the campaign:


Pending approvals will be updated accordingly.


Special cases

Configurations may be blocked or have automatic repercussions in two cases:

  • If the approver is identical to the review manager
  • Or if there was no approver found

In these cases, you will be alerted by a non-blocking message in the configuration.


For an ongoing campaign and with modifications in progress for data in the HR file, the approval step will automatically be cancelled and the review will go jump to the employee validation step.

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