Export of training requests expressed during reviews

Before you get started

There are two options for retrieving these requests: export a file with review responses directly from the administrator interface, or retrieve the export file via the API.

Manual export

To manually export the responses of a campaign, click on the "Campaigns" tab, then select the campaign concerned. On the "Answers analysis" tab, the "Export all responses" button generates an Excel file that contains all the responses sorted in the columns, and employees sorted in the rows.

Export via API

For now, we do not yet have an API to directly retrieve review responses. But there are already several possible options for selecting the campaign(s) you want to analyze and retrieving the export:

Required action



Exporting a specific campaign



Exporting several campaigns



To get the list of all the campaigns



In practice, you may want to retrieve only the most recent professional review campaigns. To filter by date and category, you can complete your request:


To use other categories than the professional review category, you can retrieve the identifier of the required category using the table below:

Annual reviews


       AnnualReview = 1

Professional reviews


       ProfessionalReview = 2

Career reviews


       CareerReview = 3

Package-per-day reviews


       FixedWorkingDaysReview = 4

Reviews after long-term leave


       LongTermLeaveReturnReview = 5

End-of-mission review


       EndOfMissionReview = 6

Discovery report


       AmazementReport = 7

End of trial period review


       EndOfTrialPeriodReview = 8



       Survey = 10

Quarterly review


       Quarterly = 13

Mid-year review (biannual)


       Biannually = 14

A limitation to be taken into consideration: all the review answers will be reported, without sorting those that concern training.

You will need to decide with your point of contact on the third-party tool side what nomenclature you will insert in the question titles, e.g. to help them more easily identify the answers that interest you.

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