Deploying Anytime From A To Z

Background information

There are several steps to follow from the time you subscribe to the service to the first time your Anytime cards are used. On this page, you will find the entire process for rolling out Anytime, with Cleemy Expenses integration.

Application to open an Anytime account

First of all, the consultant handling your rollout will send you a link to an online form. This form will allow you to complete an application to open an Anytime account.

These are the documents you will need to complete the application to open this Anytime bank account:

  • Legal form
  • Company name
  • Address
  • A short description of your business
  • Kbis no more than 3 months old
  • The company’s articles of association
  • If you are not a corporate officer, have them establish delegation of authority. You can find a template on
  • For the corporate officer
    • Valid ID (front and back of the ID card on a single file or a passport’s photo and signature sections) in colour
    • Proof of home address (water, electric, gas, Internet, landline bills) from the past 3 months and in colour
  • For the delegatee
    • Last name, first name, nationality, date of birth, mobile phone number, email, home postal address
    • Proof of home address (from the past 3 months, like the corporate officer)
  • List of partners holding more than 25% of the capital
    • Last name, first name
    • Portion of shares held
    • ID
    • Proof of home address

Approval of the application to open the account

After receiving the duly completed form, Anytime processes it within 48 hours. If all the documents are in order, it is approved immediately. Otherwise, Anytime will contact you to provide the missing pieces needed to open your account.

After the information is approved and registered by Anytime, you will receive an email confirming the opening of your account. You will have a username and password for each Anytime bank account.

As soon as the file is approved by Anytime, cards requested in the account opening form are ordered.

First time logging in to the Anytime card management interface

After your account is approved, Anytime will send you two email messages:

Email for logging in to the online Anytime account

This email allows you to access your management area for all your Anytime cards. This is done on the Anytime website.

The Getting Started email

This email is sent to you after your cards are shipped. This message is the first contact you will have with this new service as a client. It contains a great deal of information allowing you to better manage all your cards.

In particular, this email contains links to the following video content:

    • Tutorials explaining standard actions you can complete on the Anytime interface:
      • activating a manager account, if not already done.
      • activating cards.
      • getting a PIN code: you can get a PIN code for a card directly from the Anytime interface.
      • crediting the company account.

You will also find links to the Lucca help desk’s help pages to complete the first actions for syncing your Anytime account in Cleemy Expenses.

And finally, the template message will be attached to the email. This message should be sent to your employees when you distribute the cards. It briefly explains how to use a card.

Transferring money to the Anytime company account

To put money on your Anytime cards, you need to first credit your Anytime company account; this account is used to reload Anytime cards.

The bank transfer information for your Anytime account is provided on your Anytime card management interface. Simply go to the ‘pro’ space then to the ‘General account’ menu to find it.

In the recipient name and address fields, enter your company’s information.

Your IBAN starts with ‘GB’ but the account is hosted in France. This simply accelerates the bank transfer process.

Activating cards

For your employees to be able to use the cards, simply go into the ‘Cards’ menu and open the drop-down list for a card. You will see a red ‘Activate’ button to click on.

After doing so, the cards can be linked to a user in Cleemy Expenses.

Syncing with Cleemy Expenses and linking to users

This part takes place in Cleemy Expenses. There are two help pages available for these two actions:

Linking a user to an Anytime card is only possible if the card’s balance is zero.


Changing settings in Cleemy Expenses

With the arrival of the Anytime cards, Cleemy Expenses will automatically make accounting entries for granting or reimbursing advances. It is important for these accounting entries to be copied to accounting.

Adjusting the chart of accounts

In Cleemy Expenses, using the ‘Settings’ > ‘Chart of accounts’ menu, you can provide the account code for your Anytime corporate card and advance account.


The advance account and user account can be identical.

Adjusting the accounting export format

After updating the chart of accounts, these data must appear in the file generated by Cleemy Expenses when completing an accounting export. You must also add four lines of entries corresponding to two operations: granting an advance (i.e. reloading the card) and allocating the advance on expenses (i.e. reducing the balance of the advances account when the expense report is submitted).

Granting an advance

For accounting, this means entering a credit line on the Anytime corporate account and a debit on the employee’s advances account.

Allocating expense advances

For accounting, this means entering a credit line on the employee’s advances account and a debit on their user account.


Delivering cards

Everything is now ready for you to deliver the cards to your employees. Simply credit the cards with money for them to be u

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