Absences for training days: how to import them into Timmi Absences

You may be using a third-party tool for managing training sessions, and your employees need to be absent on certain days.

You can import these absences into Timmi Absences proactively before the training sessions or a few weeks later once the employees have been trained.

This operation is performed in the "Schedule management" > "Import absences" module. To use it for training and counting absences on a specific account, you will need to retrieve their identifier.

accountID: this is the code of the relevant leave account. You can find it in Timmi Absences > Settings > Accounts. For example, if the employee has a scheduled absence on their 2020-2021 Paid Leave account, enter the code 1220 in the import file.

The following help sheet guides you through the few steps needed to import absences into Timmi Absences.

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