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Spring is already there. Days are getting longer, which is nice as we can enjoy more sunlight despite the curfew. We all hope to eventually see the mythical “back to normal” in the near future.

The team is meeting at the office 1 day per week and working remotely the rest of the time. I don’t know if productivity increased by 22 % but I know for sure we’ve been busy. Here is what we did this winter:

  • A new module for manual adjustments of employee balances. You can see the new interface in Credit-Debit > Manual adjustments and use it to adjust individual balances, carry over or reset accounts for a group of employees 
  • A new entitlement calculation engine. This is a HUGE project that will allow better calculations of entitlements for everyone including international customers. The first step achieved is a new rule to automatically adjust entitlements based on absences. This feature will be rolled out progressively in the next few months.
  • An update on leave account configuration to allow employees to make requests in calendar days (for example from monday to sunday). This will please our international customers, especially our Spanish ones!

Some other updates of interest:

  • You can connect Timmi Absences to Microsoft Teams. So far we allow you to publish daily absentees in your team channels, but we plan to add more features in the coming months. And we also connect to Slack.
  • We now have a dedicated app to manage luncheon vouchers. It calculates the right quantities based on absences and expenses (if you use Cleemy Expenses). And it’s free!


For the next 3 months we’ll be working on:

  • Improvements for remote work management: users will soon be able to cancel partially a remote work period, even if it has already started in order to request a leave.
  • Timezone management for calendar events:  This was often requested by our international customers. Calendar events will use the timezone of the legal entity/establishment of the users.
  • Entitlement rules for the USA: new accrual frequencies (bi-weekly and semi-monthly).


To end this news article please let me give you a spring cleaning tip: you can archive your old leave accounts. They will still be available in the reporting but won’t show up in other menus. Please bring Marie Kondo to my Timmi Absences!


Thanks for reading this far. Do you like these quarterly news? Please tell me how I can improve at tristan@lucca.fr.


Until next time.


Tristan, for the Timmi Absences team.

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