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Background information

Once your campaign has been launched, it is important to be able to follow its progression and analyze the collected data . You will be able to analyze both a single campaign and a group of campaigns.

Simple analysis of a single campaign

To analyze a campaign, simply go to "Manage Review Campaigns" to access the monitoring dashboard. This will allow you to:

  1. Follow up with employees on specific steps
  2. See the details of reservations and alerts issued


In order to help you in the treatment of reservations and alerts, the dedicated tab allows you to easily see all the messages that are sent to you.


Below the monitoring table of a campaign, the summary figures of the syntheses are classified by totals and proportional percentage. An "Export" button allows you to retrieve the .csv file (Excel) of the summaries of the interviews completed on the date of the export.







The export allows you to centralize all the quantitative and qualitative responses in order to do further analysis and sorting.


Analysis of several campaigns

To retrieve a global export on several campaigns in progress, select the campaigns you wish to analyze and click on the "Analyze 2 selected campaigns" button:



The export generated on several campaigns is structured in the same way as the simple export (one line per collaborator), with the answers of all the campaigns in columns, one after the other with the campaign title in the first line.

With a pivot table, you can select the questions to be compared and calculate, for example, the average progression of employee satisfaction in relation to their assignments (from one year to the next or by quarter).

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