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Currently in France, the employer has the obligation to conduct two types of reviews with its employees: the professional review (every two years) and the package-per-day review (every year). This module will therefore allow administrators not only to assess the performance of users, but also to promote, set pay rises and monitor their progress.

In detail: how does Poplee Performance work?

The "Reviews" module allows administrators to launch digitized review and/or assessment campaigns, with suitable form templates.

To launch a new campaign, simply go to "Campaigns" in the menu and then click on the "New campaign" button:


Five tabs are then displayed to guide you through the configuration of the campaign.


The "Process" tab

  • The existence or absence of a preparation of the review as well as its due date
  • The due date of the campaign
  • The reviewer (Please note: the "Specific HR data" is only available with Core HR)
  • The existence or absence of the approval of the review report with the reservation and/or refusal options. In the event of a refusal, the supervised employee, the interview manager and the campaign manager will be notified. Once common ground has been found, the HR administrator can take the review back so that its content can be changed.
  • Assessment period

From the advanced options, it is possible to configure the following:

  • Campaign owner (who will be notified of campaign events, e.g. validation with comment/reservation, refusal of the review, etc.) 
  • Campaign confidentiality with the option to hide it from the employee. The employee will not then be notified that he or she has an interview and will not be able to view it. To do this, you must check the "hide this campaign from the employee" box and the employee must not be able to prepare the review or validate it.
  • The option to exceptionally make the reviews visible to a campaign owner who would not normally be able to open all the reviews (see dedicated help sheet)
  • The display or non-display of recent changes (see dedicated help file)



"Population" tab

It is used to add or remove employees by filtering by:

  • Establishment
  • Department
  • Occupation category
  • Review campaign
  • Date of joining the company
  • Population type
  • Type of contract

By clicking on "advanced selection", the administrator has the option to enter a user's login details directly.


"Review form" tab

This is used to build the review form that will be visible to the employee and their reviewer.

In the review form, it is possible to configure an introduction which will be visible at the top of the review. This introduction does not require answers unlike the questions in the body of the review. It will be possible to retract it (open the first time by default for anyone who has a step to perform in the review, then folded the second time) and its title can be configured if you prefer to start with a welcome phrase or a question:

 In the body of the review, you can configure questions of the following type:

  • Free text
  • Scale
  • List
  • Star
  • Goals
  • Data from the HR file (depends on the Poplee Core HR offer, and only the "text" and "simple list" data are taken into account for the moment)

The optional/mandatory/absent or read-only character for the form of the assessed employee and the reviewer can be specified for each of the questions


Questions can also be filtered to be visible to certain employees only. Example: new employees who have arrived a few months ago, or a particular department, those with a specific contract or certification, etc. Find out more

Finally, a summary with or without a rating can be added.

"Notifications" tab

It is used to customize the texts of the emails sent automatically by the platform when the campaign is launched.



"Preview" tab

It is an aid to checking the resulting forms by role before the validation of the campaign.


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