Configuring a Review Campaign

Background information

Currently in France, employers are required to conduct two types of interviews with their employees: the professional review (every other year) and the fixed working days review (yearly). This module will allow administrators to evaluate users’ performance as well as promote and set their pay increases and track their progress.

How does Poplee Performance work?

The ‘Reviews’ module allows administrators to start electronic review and/or evaluation campaigns using the appropriate form templates.

To start a new campaign, simply go to ‘Manage Review Campaigns’ in the menu, and then click on the ‘Create campaign’ button:


Five tabs will then appear and guide you through setting up the campaign:


The ‘Workflow’ tab lets you configure:

  • Whether or not there is prep work for the review as well as the deadline for it
  • The campaign deadline
  • The reviewer
  • Whether or not the assessment is approved with caveat and/or refusal options
  • The evaluation periodmceclip2.png
  • The campaign supervisor
  • Privacy options (to hide the campaign or the employee’s answers)


The ‘Employees’ tab allows you to configure a collection of employees, filtering by:

  • Legal entity
  • Department
  • Socioprofessional group

By clicking on ‘Advanced selection’, the administrator can directly enter users’ logins.


The ‘Questions’ tab allows you to create a set of questions, including the following types:

  • Free text
  • Numerical
  • List
  • Stars
  • Goals (as of July)
  • Review feedback


The ‘Notification’ tab lets you customise the text in emails sent automatically using the platform.


The ‘Preview’ tab helps you verify the final version of the forms by role before approving the campaign.

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