Prepare several reviews at the same time (Manager)

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Depending on the type of campaign launched by the administrator, you may be assigned as reviewer for several reviews, e.g. for your team.

In order to help you prepare consistent summaries for your supervised employees, the "Grouped preparation" option has been put in place for the review preparation and completion steps.

Preparing for several reviews

When you click on "Perform a grouped preparation", all the reviews tailored to the grouped preparation are selected, i.e. the reviews of the employees of the "Being prepared by" and "To be done" columns.

It is possible to uncheck an employee (1) if necessary, and to go to the grouped preparation step by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page (2).

Then fill in the summaries for each employee, grouped by question.

These are part of the same campaign and can therefore be compared. Finally, save your report preparations by clicking on the button at the bottom right.

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