Preparing their review

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As every year, employees are asked to conduct reviews to assess and monitor their performance. Poplee Performance has therefore been designed so that users can monitor their reviews and easily complete them.

Participating in the campaign

In their "My reviews" space, the user has access to the list of their reviews: both past reviews and current reviews. Among these, they may sometimes be responsible for actions to be taken to move the process forward.

When a review campaign has just been launched, they will see their photo or initials above the step they are responsible for.

If they click on it, they will be able to access the preparation of their review

If the review has a review introduction, this will be expanded to anyone who has an action to perform on the review (assessed employee, reviewer and 2nd approver) the first time they open the review. The introduction will be retracted for the following occasions but it can always be re-opened if necessary.

Regarding the body of the review, the answers and updates are saved automatically. So the user can start preparing their review, stop and return to it later. All their updates will be kept.

When their preparation is finished, they click on "Publish your responses"

The reviewer will then receive a notification by email indicating that the preparation has been done and that they can conduct the review whenever they want.

Depending on the settings configured by the administrator when the campaign is launched, the reviewer will be able to see their responses before the review is carried out or not.

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