Figgo Administrator Tasks

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As a Figgo solution administrator, you have one-time and recurring tasks to complete. On this page, you will find a summary of the main actions you need to carry out.

At the end of each month:

Check the to-do list

In the To do list module, you will find:

  • Leaves to be justified for which the absence type must be specified
  • Absences requiring supporting documentation for special leaves

Please refer to the Tackling the To Do List page.

Exporting Absences to Payroll

Exporting Leave and Absences to Payroll

If exporting sick leave, export the sick leave when needed from Export > Export sick leave, and export the remaining absences once a month via Export > Payroll exports.

When an employee arrives:

Add the employee

Add a new employee from Co-workers > User files > Add a user as soon as you know the contract start date.

For Figgo to work properly, enter:

  • their employee number (mandatory for payroll exports and reports)
  • their work cycle (in case of part-time work or absence accounts in hours)
  • their Figgo application profile (recurring leave accrual rights)

For more information, see the Managing the Arrival of a New Employee in Figgo page.

When an employee leaves:

Record the employee’s contract end date

As soon as the employee’s contract end date is known, enter it from Co-workers > User files.

Transfer supervised colleagues

If the departing employee is a manger, transfer their supervised colleagues to another manager from their user file.

Complete final settlement

Final settlement is done from Figgo > Credit/debit > Employee settlement. This action is important for clearing the employee’s accounts on Figgo. If the employee returns to your company in the future, you can reactivate their user file and they will be able to use Figgo again; their counters will restart from zero.

For more information on managing an employee’s departure, please refer to the Managing an Employee’s Departure in Figgo page.

Each year:

Manage counter balances with elapsed consumption periods

As applicable, change the consumption period end date for annualised leave accounts from Configure > Accounts, following the instructions on the Creating/Editing an Absence Account page.

Or transfer the entitlements to another account.

Or settle remaining entitlements from Credit/debit > Group of employees, following the steps on the Resetting an Absence Account page.

Verify the public holiday calendar (for calendars outside France)

Manage my employees’ public holidays

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