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As an administrator of the Timmi Absences solution, you have specific or recurring tasks to perform. You will find in this sheet a summary of the main actions you must perform.

At the end of each month

Check the actions to be done

In the To do list module, you can :

  • Process the acquisition of employees leaving or arriving during the acquisition period
  • Collect receipts for conventional absences
  • Requalify absences for which the reason must be specified
  • Regularize abnormal debit balances
  • Process absences in the past that are pending approval


Feel free to check out the article Tackling the "To Do List".

Edit leave pending approval

Only approved leave are exported by Timmi Absences. Therefore, before generating the payroll export, we recommend to process absences pending approval in the past.

You have two possibilities:

  1. Send a reminder to approvers so that they process their pending request
  2. Approve absences directly

To do so, go to the menu Approval > Other approvers

Export absences for payroll

To generate an export file of leaves and absences, which can then be imported into your payroll software, go to Exports > Payroll exports > Access to exports or refer to this sheet : Exporting leaves and absences to payroll

Before generating the export, it is important to process the absences that have not been validated for the period (orange). You can send an email to the manager or validate the absences yourself (a notification is sent to the employee and his/her manager).

Then click Generate the export file. The generated files will be displayed on the right, in the history section.



You have imported the file into your payroll software and you have absences that have been entered/validated/modified after the last export?

You then have two possibilities:

  • You can re-generate the export by clicking on Generate the export. This new export will only contain the delta of absences of the month since the last import in your payroll software.
  • You can export the next period. The delays will appear in this new export.

In the case where you have already imported the import file in your payroll software, you must not do not delete the last exportThis button is only useful if you don't have a file to import. This button is only useful if you have not yet imported the last export into your payroll.

As a reminder, here are the three categories of absences exports:

  • absences over the period days of absence over the period
  • late arrivals days of absence prior to the period in question, but which have not been exported
  • corrections corrections: deletions of absences already exported to payroll.

Exporting work stoppages to the DSN (France)

In case of subrogation (salary maintenance), the DSN requires to declare the work stoppages monthly.

To generate the export file, go to Exports > Work stoppage exports > Access to exports.


Check the work stoppages to be exported (3) and click on Export the x selected work stoppages (4) . The generated export is then in the export history on the right side (5) .

Check the automatic credits

We advise you to check the automatic credits that Timmi Absences has carried out in the past and those that will be triggered in the future in the menu Credit/debit > Accruals > Entitlement (from profiles).


If you have checkboxes in front of certain absence accounts, it is a sign that one or more employees have not been credited in the previous month selected.

Check the boxes, then click on Continue to proceed with the credit.
Attention, this manipulation is not necessary for future acquisitions. They will be triggered automatically by Timmi Absences. To see the details of the processed credits, you can click on details.

At the end of each period

Manage the counters

  • Extend the consumption period: If you want employees to be able to use the absence accounts for a longer period of time when the consumption period ends, you have the possibility to extend this period. You will have to modify the end date of the consumption period in the settings of the absence account in question.
  • Transfer all rights to another account : At the end of the At the end of the consumption period of an account, you have the possibility to transfer the rights of an account to another account .

  • Keep x number of days on an absence account for a group of co-workers: at the end of the consumption period of an account, you can keep only a certain number of days on the account, the rest being lost.

  • Clear all rights by following the same steps as in the collective adjustment and by selecting Reset to 0.

Update the accrual

Before launching the calculation of the accruals to be made for the period, and even in case of automatic credit, it is advisable to check the settings of the adjustment rule:

  • check and update if necessary the counters receiving the credit adjustments
  • check the period on which the accrual is made
  • check the calculation

Seniority and  Leave Split Fractionnement (France)

  • If you credit split days, we invite you to check the rule set up and to modify it if necessary. To access the splitting rules, go to Settings > Rules > Splitting . The launch of additional days credits for splitting is available in Credit / Debit > Accruals > Splitting. At the level of the set rule, you just have to click on Calculate to have a summary of the rights due. You can then launch the credit of the additional days by clicking on Credit.
  • If it is not automatic, the launch of the seniority credits is available in Credit / Debit > Accruals > Seniority. We advise you to activate the automation of these seniority rules.


When an employee arrives

Create the record of the new employee

As soon as you know the date of arrival of the new employee in your company, you can create his record in order to use the appropriate solutions as soon as he arrives.

Add the new employee from Co-workers > User files > Add an employee as soon as the start date of the contract is known.

For the good functioning of Timmi Absences, fill in :

  • a role (main or secondary) giving him access to Timmi Absences
  • a Timmi Absences application profile which determines the days to be credited to the employee
  • a payroll number
  • a manager
  • a personalized Timmi Absences approver (optional)
  • a work cycle which defines the days worked by the employee
  • a CSP
  • a calendar which determines the holidays
  • a seniority date if different from the contract start date (optional)

For more information, see the file Managing the arrival of a new employee in Timmi Absences.

Case 1 : You have created the employee in the month of his arrival and the credit of your leaves is done in a monthly. No action is required. The employee's leave will be credited in proportion to the time spent by the employee during the month determined by the start date of the contract.

Case 2 You have created the employee the month of his arrival and some of your accounts are credited in full at the beginning of the period. Inthe  To do list module, Timmi Absences will propose a calculation of the days to be calculated in proportion to the number of days worked, which you can modify if necessary.

Case 3 Late: You created the employee after the month of his arrival. To catch up the acquisition of the rights of the month of arrival (already passed), go to Credit/Debit > Accruals > Main acquisition. If you have checkboxes in front of absence accounts, this means that one or more employees have not been credited for the selected month. Check the boxes, then click on Continue then Save to trigger the credit. Attention, this manipulation is not to be carried out for the acquisition of the current month or for the future acquisitions. They will be triggered automatically by Timmi Absences.


When you fill in the Timmi Absences data in the new employee's file, it is possible that his Timmi Absences application profile does not correspond to those already existing. You must then create a new one.

This can also be the case with the work cycles. If applicable, a new cycle must be created for the new employee.


When an employee leaves

Record the date of the end of the contract

As soon as it is known, enter the employee's contract end date from Co-workers> User file.


Transfer supervised employees

If the departing employee is a manager, transfer his supervised employees to another manager from his user card.

Employee Settlements

As soon as a contract end date is entered in the employee's file, you can make the balance of all accounts. Be careful, the balance of all accounts has the effect of resetting the counters to 0. It is therefore advisable to use it only if the employee really leaves the company. If this is the case, go to Credit/Debit > Employee Settlements then select the employee in question.
Then you just have to follow the three steps to finalize the balance of all accounts:

  • 1. Processing pending requests and absences beyond the contract end date
  • 2. Adjustment of the acquisitions and reset of the counters If the employee returns to the company, you will be able to reactivate his HR file and he will start his new contract with counters at 0.
  • 3. Display of absences to be exported to payroll


For more information on how to manage the departure of an employee, see the file Managing the departure of an employee in Timmi Absences.

Change of establishment or legal unit

Adjust the rights following the change of establishment

Before changing the establishment on the HR record of the employee, it is necessary to adjust the leave rights. Indeed, after the change, the employee will be able to see the counter balances of his new establishment but he will still be able to see the counters of his previous establishment. If you do not want to give the employee access to these old counters, it is necessary to reset the balance of the old counters to zero. To do this, refer to the manual balance adjustment article.

You can also transfer the balance of the old accountant to the new counter by clicking on Transfer.

You can then modify the collaborator's establishment by going to Co-workers > Contract > New contract.

As you go along

Create reports on balances, absences or absence statistics

You can generate different types of customized reports :

  • to view the balance at a given date of your employees, choose the report on balances.
  • to understand the balance of your employees on an account by displaying the acquisition and the installation, choose the report Balance evolution.
  • To view employee absences by account over a period of time, choose the absences report.
  • To view various statistical indicators on leaves and absences, choose the report Statistics.

If your report is to be replayed, you can save its configuration by giving it a unique name. All you have to do is click on Save the configuration after generating the results.

Set up cessation work cessation

Before entering a sick leave, we recommend that you start by entering an absence to justify when the employee has not yet sent you a justification, in the tab Schedule management > Manage absences.

Once you have received the receipt, you can reclassify the absence to be justified as a sick leave (e.g. illness) in the Schedule Management. At the same time, you can attach the received receipt.

If this has been set up in your establishment, you can then export the sick leave separately as part of an event-based DSN (applies to France).

Comparison with the payroll

If you notice differences in the balance between Timmi Absences and your payroll and your payroll is master, the balance import module in Credit/Debit > Imports > import a balance allows Timmi Absences to adjust the Timmi Absences counters with those calculated by the payroll. This is often the case when the accrual rule is not managed in Timmi Absences.

You can compare:

  • the accumulation of the acquisition
  • the balances

Timmi Absences then invites you to download a file template on which you can indicate the acquisition or the balances entered in your payroll. After uploading the file and clicking on "Continue", Timmi Absences displays the comparison line by line with any errors or alerts. More information in this dedicated file: Comparing Counters with Payroll.

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