Figgo Updates Autumn 2018


Golden autumn leaves
Mobile app update breeze past
Old accounts no more.

Welcome autumn! The sky is blue in Nantes but it gets chilly. We stay warm by working hard to make Figgo a better place for your leaves.

The main new features for Figgo are :

  • a new way to calculate the total days available on the Lucca Home page and on the mobile app;
  • the ability to archive old accounts;
  • a new version of the mobile app.

News calculation method fot the global balance

The total number of days available displayed on the Lucca Home page and in the mobile app has been changed to include accounts raising an alert (for instance when consumption date is reached but request are still allowed with an alert). It will makes things easier for all users to understand what's included in the calculation.



Archiving accounts

You can now archive old accounts you don't use to have a cleaner interface.

A dedicated help page will guide you to archive accounts.

New version of the mobile app

You may have seen it in our newsletter, the Figgo mobile app has been updated. This new version comes with two highly requested features:

  • account selection: you can now choose the accounts for your request the same way as you do in the webb app.
  • delete a request..

To update the app just go in your favorite app store on iPhone or Android.

More to come

Here is a glimpse of what we're working on right now and should be released early next year:

  • new reporting module to create fully personalized reports;
  • automation of the final settlement: if you don't have the habit to settle all accounts in Figgo when employees leave the company you'll soon be able to automate it.


Tristan, for the Figgo Team


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