How do I resolve anomalies in my employees' contracts in Pagga Compensation

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What does an alert concerning a pay item imply for my employee's individual situation?

This alert message indicates that the pay item has been attached to a contract whose dates do not overlap the validity dates of the pay item. 


How can I correct the date mismatch between the pay item and the related contract?

There are 3 possible solutions:

  1. Modify the validity dates of the pay item so the dates are included in the contract period it is associated with.
  2. Modify the contract assignment associated with the pay item to select the relevant contract from the drop-down list.
  3. If the contract does not exist, create it in the employee's file so you can then attach the corresponding VRI or FRI in Pagga Compensation.

How are VRIs and FRIs handled when they are imported with no indication of the related contract?

If the contract start and end dates are not indicated for each pay item in the import file, we apply the following default rules: 

The VRIs and FRIs are linked to the employee's contract by matching the contract dates with the validity dates of the pay item.

  • If several contracts are eligible: the pay item will be allocated to the latest eligible contract.
  • If there is no corresponding contract: the pay item will be assigned to the next closest contract or, if there isn't one, to the previous closest contract.

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