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As of April 1, 2021, you will be able to electronically sign your administrative and HR documents from Poplee Core HR: employment contracts, amendments, confidentiality agreements, etc.

The electronic signature is included by default in Poplee Core HR for new customers. If you already have a subscription to Poplee Core HR, the electronic signature is available for an additional fee. In both cases, it is without limit of consumption.

To learn more and benefit from it, contact our support.

General principles

With our module of electronic signature, sending documents for signature is done in only 3 steps:

  • The import of the documents to be signed,
  • The selection of signatories,
  • The entry of the signature request's name.


In order to make a signature request you must have access to the "Electronic signature" entry which is linked to the "Follow and make a signature request" permission.

How to make a signature request?

From the Documents > Electronic Signature module, click on "Make a signature request".

Once you have generated a document from the corresponding module, you can also request that it be sent for signatures.

Selection of the documents to be signed

The first step is to import the documents to be signed in PDF. If you have requested the signature from the document generation, the file will already be loaded. Otherwise, you can select them from your computer.


Selection of signatories

The next step is to select the signatories. The documents will be considered legally signed when all signatories have signed it.

The signatories must be employees who have an HR file in Poplee Core HR.


When a signature request is completed the signatories will be notified.

You can also add collaborators who will only receive a notification when the signature request is completed.

In both cases, users will receive the signed document.

Naming the request

The last step is to name your signature request. This name will be visible in the signature request dashboard and in the notifications send to the signatories. A clear name (example: type of document - name of the employee) will make it easier to use the search bar.

The name of the request will be automatically pre-filled with the name of the imported file, but it can still be modified.


How to sign a document

You will find all the steps to sign a document on the dedicated help sheet.

Possible actions on a request

The main page allows you to follow all the signature requests already created, whether they are in progress, signed, refused or cancelled. 

Several actions are possible on a signature request once it has been created:

  • Consult the progress of the request,
  • Cancel a signature request,
  • Download the files.

Reminders are sent automatically every week to signatories who have not signed the document.

The status of a request

A signature request can be :

  • In progress, when the documents are waiting for signatures,
  • Signed, when all signatories have signed all documents in the request,
  • Refused, when a signatory refuses to sign at least one document. In this case, the request is automatically closed, the other signatories no longer have the possibility to sign the document,
  • Cancelled, when the request is stopped manually.

Follow the progress of a request

By clicking on the signature request, you will access its details. It includes :

  • Its creation date,
  • The author of the request,
  • The signatories who signed the request,
  • The pending signatures.


Cancelling a request

When you cancel a request, a notification is sent by e-mail to the signatories. They will no longer be able to access the documents and the request will be considered complete.

Cancelling a signature request is final.

Uploading Files

The following documents will be available for a signature request:

  • The original document that was sent for signature,
  • The signed documents. These are the documents containing all the signatures,
  • The audit trail, which is a proof of signature document.

Next evolutions

This new functionality will be progressively enriched. In the upcoming months, you will be able to find new features such as:

  • Send mass signature requests. For example: to have a profit-sharing agreement signed individually by all the company's employees,
  • Requesting approval of a document before sending it for signature,
  • Personalization of emails sent as part of a signature request,
  • Add an expiration date to a signature request. After this date, the signature request will be automatically cancelled.
  • Etc.

This is a non-exhaustive and non-contractual list. It is likely to evolve according to the feedback of our customers.


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