Managing contracts in Pagga Compensation

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Pagga Compensation associates the progression of an employee's pay with successive contracts for the same employee.

Therefore, changes of establishment, currency or occupation categories are visible in all Pagga Compensation interfaces and contextualized with the contract(s) details attached to the employees.

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The annual or monthly payroll indicator is broken down by establishment and by currency.

Indicators include employee transfers from one establishment to another, with a prorated number of business days applied in the event of a change of establishment during the period.

Individual situation

For contracts in different currencies, the display of pay data is filtered by currency.

By default, the current contract and previous contracts in identical currencies are displayed.

It is possible to filter the display of an employee's individual situation to one or a selection of contracts.



Viewing, inputting and importing VRIs is detailed per contract over the pay period.

The Excel VRI import matrix has been adapted to include cases where employees have several contracts in the same pay period.



Reports on the calculation of annual theoretical pay and actual pay provide the option of displaying pay data consolidated by employee or detailed by contract.


Exported VRIs are aggregated by employee and by VRI type over the period, regardless of their assignment on the contracts.

Impacts of use

Each time you manually add a fixed remuneration item (FRI) or variable remuneration item (VRI) from the Individual Situation module, you must enter the associated contract.

By default, the employee's active contract is pre-filled.



Pagga Compensation checks that the validity dates of the pay item are consistent with the selected contract when the new item is entered.

Inconsistencies are signaled by an alert message, so you can make the necessary corrections (e.g. change the effective dates of the FRI or the validity period for a VRI).


When importing VRIs from the VRI module using copy-paste from Excel, the table template requests the contract start and end dates, so that it is possible to specify the contract attached to each VRI for an employee with several contracts over the imported period.


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