Controlling Expense Reports

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The following article is detailing various ways of controlling expense reports.
It also explains how to cancel the control step, should you inadvertently have controlled an expense report.

Controlling is an essential step in your expense reports management process. Whether controlling before or after the approval step that applies to your organisation, you have to control expense reports. Please note that unlike for the approval, there will be no notification sent to the controller whenever an expense report is eligible to control. We advise you to regularly check your Cleemy Expenses interface, in order to control expense reports.

Controlling expense reports

The Control module in Cleemy Expenses offers two options to perform a control.
You can quickly control expense reports, either one by one (option 1) or via mass control (option 2) :


If you want to control an expense report in detail, please click on it. The list of expenses will be displayed.


Option 1 allows to control expenses globally, but you can also check the box on each expense line. By doing so, the expense line will be marked as controlled (option 2).

Step by step, you will go over the expense report as a whole. After you have marked the last expense as controlled, the expense report will show the “controlled” status in its entirety.

As for receipts captured with the Cleemy Expenses mobile app, they are automatically displayed in the reading direction. The information to be check will be highlighted, so as to be visually isolated and to reduce the control time.


Filtering expense reports 

In the Control module, Cleemy Expenses displays expense reports that are still being processed at this stage. A filter automatically applies on the status Approved, Controlled, Approved & Controlled, Paid but also if the expense report has already been exported or not (based on your approval workflow configuration).

The expense reports displayed by Cleemy Expenses are those requiring an action. Therefore, you do not need to wonder whether they have to be controlled or not.


By default, this interface displays 5 filters :

  • The legal entity. Cleemy Expenses remembers of the last legal entity you have checked.
    It is possible to display the expense reports for all legal entities simultaneously.
  • The department - this is very useful when several controllers share the control work.
  • The time period. Cleemy Expenses will delete this filter every time you access this page.
  • The name of the co-worker, so as to easily retrieve the expenses of a specific co-worker.
  • The expense report number: if you are controlling while checking paper receipts, this filter will allow you to isolate the expense report for these receipts.

Displaying more filters

In some cases, it is useful to display expense reports that have already been processed, or that will be processed later on. 
Example: a co-worker handed in an extra receipt and you wish to add the expense to an expense report that has already been controlled. Therefore, you need to display this expense report in the Control module, despite the fact that it has already been processed.

You can display more filters from the link: More filters.
Each filter matches the status of an expense report: Approved, Controlled, Paid, Exported. Each filter has three options: Yes (the expense report shows this status), No (the expense report does not show this status) ou Indifferent (this criteria is irrelevant to display the expense report). The filters are depending on the module you are currently using:

    • Approved - this filter is displayed only if the workflow observes the approval before the control.
    • Paid - displayed only if you can proceed to payment before controlling.
    • Controlled - always displayed and allows to retrieve expense reports that were already controlled 

Cancelling expense report control

You have the possibility to cancel the control of an expense report. To do so, go to the Control module and click “More filters”.


Next, select the filter Yes, meaning you want to display expense reports that were already controlled over the chosen period:


Once you have opened the detail of the expense report, just click the Cancel control button. You will then be able to perform all necessary expense adjustments. 


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