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The qualifications module is at your disposal to help you organize the different jobs available within your company. In Poplee Core HR, each employee is associated with a qualification, which is the combination of a job and a grade.

Your database must activated in the general settings by a consultant before you can gain access to the qualifications module (6). To do this, contact the help desk.
You then have to add the "Qualification administration" permission (5) to the required role in the role administration module (2). If you do not have access to the roles, contact our help desk to enable it.

How to administer your qualifications?

The qualification settings module can be accessed from the cogwheel (Organization section). 


The module is built as a table with:

  • On the x-axis, the list of jobs to be created and or administered, within a sector
  • On the y-axis, the grades

The sectors and grades are preset and cannot be modified. The qualifications are also preset in Lucca but are editable. If you have qualifications that are different from the preset ones, you will have to modify them manually in Lucca and then you can implement those of each employee from their HR file or by importing employee data.

You can hide a sector by checking the "Hide empty files" checkbox and ignore the grades if necessary.

When initializing, you will find examples of qualifications suggested by default:


You are free to use them by adapting or deleting them.

Job administration

You can create as many jobs as you want.

To create your jobs, open the sector and click "Add a profession".



Each created job can be edited or moved to another sector.

If you delete a job, you will delete the entire line of associated qualifications.

Please note, if you are a Timmi Projects client, deleting and editing qualifications can have a big effect on your project management and your standard grid. Do not hesitate to contact our Help desk team to test the changes made on your test environment.

Qualification administration

You can customize the qualification with a name that reflects the job & level (grade):

Import jobs and qualifications

To do this, download and complete the import template file.

Please note, the file must be saved in CSV format (UTF-8 encoding)


  • Job: Enter the name of the job
  • Job Sector: Enter the name of the sector. Please note: you must use the titles of the sectors defined in Lucca in your language (available in the FAQ below)
  • Grade1, …:Enter the name of the qualification under each grade. You must have at least one grade, the others are optional. Make sure you have enabled the different grades in the solution before importing them. For example, if you only have 4 grades that show up in the solution but you want to import qualifications up to grade 5, add grade 5 earlier on in the interface.

Once you have done this, you can import your file to create the different jobs and qualifications.


What is the list of available sectors?

Sectors (in English)



Communication and Marketing

Consulting and Customer Relations

Sustainable development, CSR

Directors and general administration

Finance and accounting


HR & Office Management

Law and Compliance




Help Desk

I need to change the list of suggested sectors

We will be delighted to find out your development needs. To do this, do not hesitate to share your ideas and needs from our ProductBoard portalby clicking on the Core Portal (Poplee Core HR, Lucca Homepage, Client center, Lucca Hub).

How to assign a qualification to an employee?

Qualifications can be managed from the HR file (or the employee file if you don't have Poplee Core HR).


Which apps use qualifications?

The concept of qualifications is new at Lucca. It is a structuring tool for your human resources management. For now, the information is used through a data report in Poplee Core HR and Timmi Projects with the management of price lists. It is also used in Poplee Engagement.

In the future, it will be used in Pagga Compensation to obtain the salary statistics by job, and in Poplee Performance to evaluate skills.

Using qualifications in Poplee Engagement

In Poplee Engagement, qualifications are part of the existing data to filter the survey results. When installing the solution, we suggest you fill in an import file for employee data with a column concerning qualifications.


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