Create or modify a project


You will learn here how to create a new project or how to modify the information of an existing one.

Create a new projet

To create a new project, click on New project in Timmi Project > Projects, and enter the project informations in the creation tab:



  • Select the client in the list. If it is a new client, click on "+" to create the client.
  • Give a name and code to the project.
  • Select the project lead.
  • Select the billing mode: non-billable, fixed price or time & materials.
  • The list "Itemize by" enables you to choose the level of detail of financial informations: project, task or team member.
    • For a fixed price project, enter the selling price and the initial budget of each item at the level chosen: project in the Project tab, task in the Tasks tab, or team member in the Team tab. The initial cost budget can be automatically calculated given the initial time budget and the appropriate rate (team member rate in case of detail by team member and individual rate, or rate by default of the configuration).
    • For a time & materials project, enter the bill rate, the dates and the planned duration.
    • For a non-billable project, you can enter a budget, or choose "No budget".
  • Enter the start date and end date of the project.

If needed, add tasks in the Tasks tab, and team members in the Team tab.

A project without any team member will be available to everyone in Timmi Timesheet. A project with team members will be available to these team members only.


Once the project is correctly configured, you can launch it by clicking on the "Launch" button :



While a project is not launched, it is considered as a draft. You can resume work on a draft and launch it by clicking on the arrow at the right of New project and selecting From a draft.

Modify a budget

There is a difference between modifying the initial value or the revised value of the budget. The initial value is the baseline, the estimation made before the launch of the project, that was used to estimate the selling price. The revised value expresses the evolution of this estimation during the life of the project.

Modify the initial budget

It is possible to change the initial value of the budget in the project edition form, by clicking on Project Details:

Click on Edit:

And modify the initial budget in the project edition form:

Modify the cost to complete

To update the revised value of the budget, click on the cost to complete component in the Projects view:

In the opening window, enter the number of days / hours needed to complete the project.

By default, the estimate to complete displayed is the budget left (difference between the budget revised value and the costs entered to this date).



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