Changing an Employee’s Balance

Background information

On this page, you will learn how to apply a debit or credit to an employee on one or several accounts.

If you want to credit an employee with TOIL/Compensation because they worked a day they would normally have off, it would be better to follow the instructions on this help sheet.


Add or delete entitlements for a specific employee

Go to Credit / Debit > Manual adjustment > Individual adjustment.

  1. Choose the employee (you will find, in the drop-down list, all the persons present in the company)
  2. Select the Account to be credited or debited (drop-down list)
  3. Choose the Action to be carried out and enter the amount to credit, debit or transfer.
  4. Edit the Comment if needed (free field - we recommend that you put the reason for this manipulation here). This information will be visible to the user in the accound detail.
  5. The preview below informs you of the impacts on the balances of the action in progress.
  6. Change the effective date if you wish, using the "Effective at" field (by default, it is the current date).
  7. Click on Save.


To change the balance of a group of employees, use the Collective adjustment module

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