Automate VRI export to an FTP server

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If you would like to store Timmi Timesheet exports on a server, Timmi Timesheet can automate the export of your files.

This feature is used to generate an export from Timmi Timesheet > Export, automatically uploading the file to an FTP.

Configuring the export to FTP

From Exports > Export settings > Settings, you can activate the automatic uploading of files to an FTP server by clicking on the corresponding box:


If you have not yet set up an FTP server, you can access the FTP server administration module by clicking on the link that appears on your screen.

If you have a hosted server on your side, simply enter the required connection details so that Timmi Timesheet can upload the files on your side.  

If you do not have a server, no problem, Lucca is here to help and can provide you with one. Ask your consultant or the Help desk for details of how to create a Lucca server (if not already included in your services). 

Please refer to the following help pages for further information: Administering an FTP server and FTP server FAQ.

If you already have an FTP server set up with a folder ready for use, you can select it directly from the drop-down menu then save your settings.


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