Setting Up Timmi Exports

Background information

You can use Timmi’s export module to generate journal entry files with the hours posted by Timmi’s time accounts.

Whether or not they have a value, the differences can be generated for your payroll software or Figgo, depending on your company-wide agreement.

Exports for payroll and exports to Figgo (mainly TOIL) are separate. Exports to Figgo are triggered automatically when the timesheet is approved (and appear in Figgo with the effective date as the day after the timesheet’s last day). You can also generate exports for payroll when you need to send them to your payroll.


You cannot send hours associated with the same account twice. Account rules assume counters are different and exclusive.

Creating a new export group

Whatever type of export you chose, go to Export > Configure exports


Click on ‘New export group’:


Name the export group and link one or more entities to it (you can have as many export groups as entities if needed).


Creating an export format

If you are starting with a new export group, click on ‘Configure a new export format’.


Click on ‘Add a format’ and select the format you want.


The list of export formats currently available is not exhaustive. If you want a specific format, please contact your consultant or the Help Desk for a feasibility assessment.

Configuring an export to payroll

Add wage types (corresponding wage type code in your software for variable items revised up, with or without a value) and match Timmi counters to them.


Provide the multiplier or the conversion rate, if needed.


Your export is ready!

Configuring an export to Figgo

Add Figgo absence accounts and link them to Timmi counters. Only one-time and debit-credit Figgo absence accounts can be targeted.

Provide the multiplier and the conversion rate, if needed.


Your export is ready!

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