Adding a manual adjustment for an employee

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If some information, that is not in Lucca, is to be taken into account for the calculation of the meal vouchers, you can adjust the amounts of meal vouchers calculated for the employee.

Add a manual adjustment

You can add a manual adjustment for an employee over a period for which a meal voucher calculation has been performed but no order has been generated.

  1. Click on the employee to display the details of the calculation.
  2. Click on the "Add a manual adjustment" button.
  3. A window appears.
  4. Choose the type of adjustment to be made from the list.
  5. Enter the date of the adjustment or check "Current period" if you want the adjustment to be made over the period, without a specific date.
  6. Specify the number of meal vouchers to add or delete in "Movement (+/-)".
  7. Enter a comment to explain the adjustment to the employee.
  8. Click "Save".


Depending on the type of adjustment, the adjustment is added in the relevant section (entitlements, absences, fees or other).


As long as the order has not been made for the period, the adjustments created can be edited (click on the little blue pencil) or deleted (click on the little blue trash can).

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