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Background information

If you haven't already done so, you will soon be distributing and putting money on your co-workers’ cards. Once you have transmitted the PIN code to each cardholder, your co-workers will be able to start paying their work expenses with this new method of payment.

All employees who are granted a card will receive an e-mail explaining how the card works.

Anytime in a few words

  • The Anytime bank card is a MasterCard: it is accepted by the great majority of shops and also works for online purchases.
  • Anytime cards benefit from the 3D Secure security protocol. To activate it, just provide the
    phone number and email address of the cardholders.
  • As the Anytime card is a debit card,it does not allow overdrafts.

Service launch

Opening an account

The consultant in charge of deploying Anytime for your company has certainly sent you a link, through which you can fill in the required information to open your Anytime account(s).

If you no longer have this link, you can generate a new one by clicking here. By using the link, you will benefit from advantageous pricing conditions, that will be billed to you directly by Lucca.

We recommend that you open one Anytime account per legal unit, which will have cardholders for each population in your company. Your accounting entries will thus be managed in Cleemy Expenses in the best possible way, as they are allocated to the employee's entity and not to the Anytime account.

How to get my Anytime application file ready?

The documents you will need to open an Anytime bank account are listed in the article "Deploying Anytime From A To Z"

Synchronisation with Cleemy Expenses

To synchronise your newly created Anytime bank account with Cleemy Expenses, please go to  the "Settings" module of your favorite expense report management application, Cleemy Expenses.

The Anytime bank card administration interface can be found in the "Expense Imports" entry:


By clicking on "Add Account", you will be able to synchronise your Anytime bank account with Cleemy Expenses.

All necessary steps are detailed in this dedicated help article.

Connecting users

Once your Anytime account has been synchronized with Cleemy Expenses, all your cards will show up in your interface. Here is the process to follow: Associating a User to an Anytime Card.

Loading the cards

Once the cards have been associated to users in Cleemy Expenses, they can be fund via the card management interface of the Anytime website.

Loading a card will have several effects in Cleemy Expenses:

  • The car balance will show up in Cleemy Expenses a few minutes after the funds have been credited.
  • The co-worker will receive an email informing about the reload.

Making expenses

When a co-worker spends money with the Anytime card, the expense is automatically added in Cleemy Expenses within 2 to 3 days. Then, Cleemy Expenses will proceed to an advance allocation entry for the amount spent by the co-worker associated to the card.

Indeed, when a co-worker spends money using the card, the money is changing hands: it no longer belongs to the company but to your co-worker. This change of ownership results in a temporary advance in Cleemy Expenses.

When your Anytime card holders submit their expenses, the declared amount will be deducted from their advance account balance. Hence, they will not be reimbursed as long as their temporary advance balance is not equal to zero.

Daily management

Standard actions available in Anytime

From the Anytime management interface you can:

  • Define the credit frequency of the card account. You can perform occasional credits (upon employee request) or periodic credits, indicating the amount to be credited.
  • Set up a threshold amount for the credit of a credit and the associated amount.
  • Manage and administrate cardholders (arrival/departure of a co-worker)
  • View transaction history
  • Generate or retrieve the PIN code of a card (if three digits are present on the back of the card, you can display its PIN code.
  • Activate or deactivate withdrawals at ATMs or purchase online
  • Deactivate a card (in case of loss, theft, fraud...)

Rather than reporting a lost or stolen card, you can simply deactivate it. If the card is found, you will be able to reactivate it.

Standard actions available in Cleemy Expenses

The Anytime card management interface available within Cleemy Expenses allows you to:

  • Check out the cards balances and their associated Cleemy Expenses users
  • Associate and dissociate a user and a card.

Employee advance balance

Your co-workers' advance balance reflects the amount of their debt owed to the company. It is important to follow this indicator to keep in mind who owes money to your company.

You can find the advance balance can be found in two locations:

  • In the "Situation & expense reports" mdule, searching by co-worker. You will be able to view the balance of a co-worker's advance account, as well as the amount of expenses pending reimbursement.
  • In the "Advances" module searching by legal entity. You will access the balances of all co-workers' advance accounts.

Best practices

If one of your co-workers has an advance balance that is way higher than the balance on their Anytime card, it means that most of the transactions made by the co-worker have not been declared in an expense report in Cleemy Expenses.

  • Case 1: all  expenses are in the expense list.
    Please ask the co-worker to declare their expenses in an expense report (you can do it if you are allowed to).
  • Case 2: There are no or very few expenses in the list of expenses.
    This means that your co-worker deleted the expenses when they pushed in Cleemy Expenses (they may be expenses for personal purchase). We therefore advise you to stop reloading their Anytime card.

The co-worker will then have to pay for their work expenses using  another method of payment (most likely using a personal credit card). The debt to the company will be relieved as and when additional expense reports are submitted.

If one of your co-workers' advance balance is much lower than the expense amount pending declaration, this means that the majority of their expenses was not made using the Anytime card (personal card or mileage expenses, for example).

Encourage them and reassure them on using their Anytime cards. The next expenses they declare will be refunded, even if made with the Anytime card.

As long as no expense report has been declared, the co-workers' advance balance remains unchanged: the advance will be deducted after the expense report has been declared.

Refusing an expense or expense report

If you refuse the whole expense report or expense line, the  co-worker's advance balance will be credited with the refused amount.

This will remain at the employee's expense. They will be reimbursed when submitting their next expense report.  When your co-worker leaves, their account must be settled. You will balance the co-worker's advance account and deduct the corresponding amount from payroll.

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