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Background information

Your company just gave you an Anytime payment card. With this car, you can pay all your work expenses without having to spend your own money upfront.

This article will help you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions you may be asking yourself:

Day-to-day use

You just received an Anytime card with its PIN code. It is now ready to use. The purpose of this card is to limit the money you spend upfront: your company makes funds available on your card.

You can see the balance on your bank card and track your expense reports in Cleemy Expenses. For more information on this topic, go to this section.

As long as you have a sufficient balance on your card, you can pay all your work expenses using this new card. Conversely, if the purchase is greater than your balance, the payment will be rejected and you will have to use your own payment methods.

What happens when I use my card to make a payment?

You will encounter two situations, depending on the payment:

  • In most cases, the transaction appears on Cleemy Expenses a few seconds after making the payment, both on the mobile app and website. Now all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt to attach it to the expense and fill in any mandatory fields (projects, comments, etc.).
  • It might be a pre-authorisation (vehicle rentals, 24/7 automated filling stations, guarantees, hotel reservations): refer to the section dedicated to this subject.

You cannot overdraft an Anytime card. It is a debit card, not a credit card.

How does Cleemy Expenses manage the picture I took of my receipt after paying?

There are two ways to take a picture of your receipt:

  • Directly in the expense form created after paying, by tapping the ‘Attach a receipt’ zone. In this case, the receipt is directly attached to the expense but the other fields on the form do not change.
  • By using the action button on the mobile app (‘+’ button). If enabled by your company, this triggers automatic recognition of receipts to identify data on them (date, amount, expense nature).

In the second case, if Cleemy Expenses finds an expense sent from Anytime matching the amount and date on the receipt, they are automatically reconciled. The receipt and the information recognised on it are added to the bank transaction: this will mainly save you entering the VAT.

My expenses from Anytime appear in red with a message saying ‘invalid’.

There are two reasons why an expense may be invalid:

  • A mandatory field is missing. Generally, this is the receipt: the expense created in Cleemy Expenses sent from your Anytime bank card does not have a receipt attached yet. Simply take a picture of your receipt for the expense to become valid.
  • There is a restriction configured in Cleemy Expenses on the number of expenses entered over a given period (for example, you can only enter one lunch per day). In this case, the alert will only appear on the computer version of Cleemy Expenses.

The transaction amount sent by Anytime does not match the amount on the receipt

The most common scenario is a meal paid partially using a restaurant voucher and partially with your Anytime card. In this case, the bank transaction does not send the total amount on the receipt: you must delete the expense sent by the bank and report another using the receipt (with character recognition, simply take a picture).

Less often, the transaction amount is changed by the supplier after payment. For example, Uber discounts, which are applied the next day instead of at the time of payment. Consequently, the amount of the Anytime expense sent to Cleemy Expenses is higher (but the balance on the Anytime card was adjusted when the supplier confirmed the final payment). Again, you will have to delete the Anytime expense and create a new one manually.

In practice, the amount on the invoice is the valid one that you must submit to your employer. Rest assured, Cleemy Expenses will make sure you always land on your feet financially if you submit the amounts on debit slips in your expenses.

The date on my Anytime transaction does not match the date on my receipt

This mainly applies to train tickets ordered in advance: the Anytime expense has the transaction date, while the receipt shows the trip date. In this case, do not reconcile them automatically. Instead, add the receipt manually to the Anytime expense, or delete the Anytime expense and create an expense using your receipt.

To be absolutely thorough, it is ideal to create an expense on the travel date, as this date is correct from an accounting perspective.

I accidentally deleted an Anytime expense

Don’t worry: you can create a new one manually or by taking a picture of your receipt. It will have no impact on your reimbursement. In most cases, the information forwarded after a payment will match the information on the receipt. However, if there is a difference, the information on the receipt takes precedence.

For specific purchases

I paid an expense requiring a hold on my card. How will it appear in Cleemy Expenses?

First of all, if the balance on your card is lower than the amount of the funds requested, the payment will not go through. This is a pre-authorisation (this term often appears on the payment terminal).

For example, at 24/7 petrol stations, you generally have to place a £120 hold on the card to pay at the pump. Even if you only want to put in £30 of petrol, you need at least £120 available on your Anytime card.

Next, only the amount actually spent at the fuel pump will be sent to Cleemy Expenses, just like a regular expense. In this case, it may take a few days for the transaction to appear, as it may be awhile before the supplier reports the final transaction amount to the banks.

The pre-authorised amount will be deducted from your card’s balance and recredited within 30 days of the purchase.

Can I use my Anytime card for online purchases?

Yes. The Anytime bank card is a MasterCard. This means you can use it for online purchases.

These cards are 3D Secure compatible. Just make sure to provide the card holder's phone number and email address.

I need to take money out at an ATM. Is this possible?

You can withdraw cash using your Anytime card provided that your manager has authorised this on your card.

The money on this card belongs to you: in exchange, you incur a debt from your employer equal to this amount.

When you pay your costs using this cash, report the amount spent in Cleemy Expenses the same way as any other expense.

Additionally, after expenses are submitted in an expense report, the total amount of the costs incurred will be deducted from your advance balance (the money put on your card by your company).

If you do not spend all the money withdrawn for work reasons, your advance balance will simply be higher than your card’s balance and you will have to settle your debt by paying the costs using your own payment methods.

After a withdrawal, a £2 charge will appear, corresponding to the banking fees applied by Anytime. This service fee is paid by the company; you must submit it in an expense report, including with it the bank receipt provided at the time of the withdrawal.

I need to spend money abroad. How will this appear in Cleemy Expenses?

Out-of-country expenses are characterised based on:

  • The expense’s currency, which differs from your Anytime bank account’s currency.
    The amount debited from your Anytime account will be the amount converted using the exchange rate applied by the bank.
  • The service fees included in the expense.

The amount reported to Cleemy Expenses is the total of the converted amount and the service fees applied. Submit this amount: it is the actual amount of your expense.

It takes longer for foreign currency expenses to be created in Cleemy Expenses. The amount in euros is not known until the entire amount (converted amount + service fees) is transferred to the retailer. You will have to wait a few days for expenses from another country to appear in Cleemy Expenses.

For your information, you will see the expense’s service fee amount in the its ‘Comment’ field.

Account monitoring and expense report reimbursement

When your company transfers money to your Anytime card, the money deposited on your Anytime card changes owners. The money on your card belongs to you, but it is a loan that must be used for your work expenses.

Cleemy Expenses records this transfer of funds as an advance. In concrete terms, this means that each time your card is reloaded, you incur a debt to your company equal to the amount of funds loaded on your card.

You naturally pay off this debt when you submit your next expense reports. Instead of being reimbursed for costs (via bank transfer, on your next pay slip, etc.), your advance balance decreases: this is how you resolve your debt.

Where can I see my card’s balance?

Using the computer version of Cleemy Expenses

In your interface’s ‘Expense’ tab, you will find the following information:

  • Your Anytime card’s balance. If you have several cards, the balances of all the cards are visible.
  • All expenses incurred as well as the total of the reimbursed amounts

Using the mobile version of Cleemy Expenses

  • In the dedicated ‘Situation’ tab.

In what cases will I be reimbursed for an expense report I submitted?

In theory, this will rarely occur. The amount of the expense reports you submit will be taken from your advance balance and so will not generate a reimbursement.

However, if you already cleared all your debt with your company (your advance balance is zero), the next expense reports submitted will be reimbursed.

In the following situations, you may end up with a zero advance balance but still have money on your Anytime card:

  • You used another payment method for your work expenses: your advance balance decreased as a result, while the balance on your Anytime card remained unchanged.
  • You submitted mileage expenses. These were not paid using your Anytime card and will consequently reduce your advance balance.

The takeaway: you return the money put on your Anytime card to your company in the form of an expense report. Cleemy Expenses will make sure that you clear this debt as quickly as possible: so systematically use your Anytime card to pay your work expenses.

I just submitted an expense report: why is my bank card balance different from my advance account balance?

There may be several reasons for this difference:

  • You submitted mileage expenses. These will be deducted from your advance account balance, without any money being debited from your Anytime card.
  • You used your Anytime bank card to make personal purchases. These are not supposed to be submitted in Cleemy Expenses, so you deleted these expenses from Cleemy Expenses. Your bank card’s balance is reduced, but your advance account’s balance is not.
  • Some expenses were refused or capped. In this case, these expenses will not be reimbursed by your company. Your advance account’s balance will not have been reduced, unlike your Anytime card’s balance.

Cleemy Expenses determines the amount of the advance that you repay with each expense report submitted, to best bring your advance balance in line with your Anytime card balance, although this is not always immediately possible: final adjustments may take place on subsequent expense reports.

In short, if you use your Anytime card for expenses that the company does not reimburse, Cleemy Expenses will automatically offset this against the reimbursements for costs you pay for with your own means (mileage allowances or your personal bank card). On the other hand, if all your Anytime expenses are in order and you pay other expenses using your own means, you will be reimbursed for the latter as usual.

An expense on my Anytime bank card was refused by my manager. Do I owe my company money?

The money put on your Anytime card by your company is an advance, meaning it is a debt that you repay. This debt takes the form of a non-zero balance on your advance account.

You usually repay this debt by submitting expenses, which are deducted from your advance; if one of your expenses is refused, the balance on your advance account will remain unchanged, while your Anytime card’s balance will be reduced.

Sooner or later it will have to be offset. In practice, you will do this by paying some costs without using your Anytime card. However, if your debt gets too high, your employer will stop reloading your Anytime card until you are back in the green or will deduct an equivalent amount from your wages.

I used my Anytime card for a personal expense. What should I do?

Like all expenses paid using your Anytime card, a personal expense will be forwarded to Cleemy Expenses. You do not declare it in an expense report. You have to delete it from your list of expenses.

You do not need to do anything else.

Why are my mileage expenses not reimbursed?

When you submit an expense report, Cleemy Expenses will start by subtracting the amount of the expense report from your advance account’s balance, in order to line your advance balance up with the amount of money on your card. This repays your company as quickly as possible.

This rule also applies to mileage expenses submitted, even though they did not involve any spending on your Anytime account.


What do you do in the event of loss, theft, fraudulent transactions, etc. ?

Contact your card manager. You will find their name:

  • On the web version of Cleemy Expenses, in the ‘Expenses’ tab by clicking on the area where you can see your Anytime card’s balance
  • On the mobile version of Cleemy Expenses, in the ‘Situation’ tab

They will be able to quickly freeze your Anytime card remotely, until the situation is cleared up.

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