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Winter has started, meaning 2020 will soon be over. At last! We've been in lockdown most of the quarter here in Nantes, but no furlough: the team has been very busy and we released quite a few new things.

  • Advanced workflow configuration: new approvers are available and you can now have more than 2 approval steps. More information here.
  • Notifications for requests without approval: you can now notify managers (or someone else) when users enter leaves on accounts that doesn't require approval. Useful for Work From Home for instance. See details here.
  • New annual view of the main calendar.


  • New annual summary page with users' personal stats.
  • UI update for the distribution page when entering a leave.
  • On the technical side, the absence sync with Outlook now has a brand new authentication method to please your IT department.
  • People working from home are now showing on the Lucca Home page. This was not done by the Timmi Absences team but it was often requested so I prefer to let you know.


  • We released 2 new integration in beta: our bot for Microsoft Teams will help you know who's off by posting directly in your teams channels the absentees of the day (you can set it up by yourself); and a new Slack integration will keep user statuses in sync with absences so you can easily see when someone is off and when they come back.
  • Last but not least we just released the beta version of the new manual adjustment module. You can access it from the current page (Credit-Debit > Employee).

And a few words on what to expect early 2021:

  • The new manual adjustment module should be released for all at the end of January.
  • A new long-awaited feature will arrive: users will be able to enter leaves in calendar days. This is useful for our international clients with users in Spain, Switzerland, Brasil and other countries where annual leaves or sick leave are managed in calendar days and entered by users themselves.
  • Around the end of Q1 we will release new regularization rules allowing you to adjust entitlements based on absences.

On behalf of the whole Timmi Absences team I wish you happy holidays.

Au nom de toute l'équipe Timmi Absences je vous souhaite de passer de bonne fêtes de fin d'année, et je vous retrouve au printemps.

Tristan, for the Timmi Absences team

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