Archive or delete a leave account

  1. Delete an account
  2. Archive an account
  3. Unarchive an account

Delete an account

1. In Figgo, go to Configure > Accounts.
2. Point to the account.
3. On the right, click Delete account.


NB : You cannot delete an account that has already been used. In order to hide it from usual modules, you can archive it.  

Archive an account

You can archive accounts when they are no longer used. Archiving allows you to hide the account of regularly used modules (Request leave, Manage the schedule...) while keeping the history (Reports...).

1. Go to Configure > Accounts.
2. Point to the account. 
3. On the right, click Archive.

The conditions for archiving are:

  • no request in progress (validation, cancellation)
  • no absence in the future
  • balance at 0

If conditions are met

A confirmation pop-up is displayed. You can confirm or cancel the action.

If conditions are not met

You can check them in the right modules:

  • If requests are waiting for validation, you can approve or reject them under the Approve tab.
  • If requests were made in the future, you can cancel or modify them under the Manage the schedule tab.
  • If employees have a non-zero balance, you can reset the balance in Credit/debit > Group of employees.

Unarchive an account

1. Go to Configure > Accounts
2. At the top right-hand corner, click ...
3. Click Show archived accounts.
4. Find the archived account and click Unarchive.

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