Delete a Specific Days of Absence

Background information

Whenever an employee submits a leave or home office request for several days in a row, the approval and cancellation request will apply to the entire leave period. The eployee will have to request the deletion of a specific day to their manager or HR department, depending the permission configuration for each role.

Should the employee need to exceptionnally modify a specific day of the request, they should get in touch with the manager if they can access the planning management module, or with an administrator.


  • I requested time off from August 1 to 15. My absence was approved.
  • On August 9, I want to cancel August 14 and come back to the office for professional reasons.
  • I submit a request to my manager or administrator.

Edit the day of absence

The administrator has to go to the "Schedule management" module to perform this task. Here are the different steps to follow:

  • Select the user name
  • Select the day to edit/cancel
  • Select the duration that has to be modified/cancelled: full day, morning or afternoon
  • Delete the leave
  • Select the users to be notified
  • Customize a message if necessary
  • Save

The cancellation of the duration will automatically credit the leave account that was used in the first place.


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