Display today's absentees in Microsoft Teams

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If you use Microsoft Teams in your company, you can display the day's absentees in the channel of your choice.

Set up absence synchronization to Teams

1. Connect your Microsoft environment to Timmi Absences

You must be a Teams administrator to perform this step.

In Timmi Absences > Configuration > Integration, click on Create a new integration, choose Teams - Today's Absences, then Connect.


In the next screen, you need to allow Luccabot to post messages in your Teams space. These rights are required for the integration to work properly.



2. Add LuccaBot in Microsoft Teams

To allow the sending of a message in the channel of a Microsoft Teams team, you have to add the application to this team. To do this Team Options > Manage Team > Apps > More apps > Search for "LuccaBot" > Add to a team > Set up a bot :


Select the public channel of the team in which you want to receive the day's absentees.


3. Create an integration

Once your Teams space is connected to Timmi Absences, you can create integrations. You must create one integration per channel in which you want to post the day's absentees.


  • if you want to post all the company's absentees of the day in the same channel (for example #absents-of-the-day), you will only need one integration ;
  • if you want to post the day's absentees for each team in their dedicated channel, you will need to create an integration for each team.

For each integration, you fill in :

  • the establishment(s) and/or department(s) concerned (this filters the employees taken into account in the absent of the day)
  • the Teams team concerned
  • the channel in which the absentees of the day will be posted (mandatory). The channel must exist, if you want to post absentees in a dedicated channel you must first create it in Teams.
  • the language of the messages
  • the time of sending the message in Teams
  • the frequency (weekdays or 7 days a week)

After creating the integration, you can test it. This will send a message in Teams with the absent people of the day, without waiting for the next day.

It is also possible to deactivate an integration without deleting it.




Can we change the name or the image of the bot?

No, this information is not modifiable.

What languages are available?

For the moment, we offer French, English and Spanish. If you want another language, you can ask Lucca support via the form at the top of the page, and we will study the request.

I can't find a (private) team or a (private) channel, why?

A private channel cannot be used (API Teams do not allow their use). That's why they don't appear on the Timmi Absences side.
It is possible to post in a private team as long as the selected channel is public.


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