What browser should I use ?

Lucca offers SaaS applications, which means that you can access them as soon as you have an internet access.

Lucca's products run on a variety of environments, from Windows to MacOS, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. 

Each of these has many versions and so, due to security policies, we recommend that you use the latest version of each to ensure the best possible browsing experience. 


Edge, Firefox, Chrome & Safari

Lucca will support access to its software via Edge, Firefox and Chrome and Safari as long as support is provided by their publishers. 

As updates to these browsers are generally automatic, Lucca recommends using the major versions of these 4 browsers.


Timmi Timer is a Chrome™ extension available for employees who report their attendance times or hours spent on activities. This extension is available, for now, on Chrome. Edge, also allows, the installation of Chrome extensions.

Internet Explorer

Since the last 15 June 2021, Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer and Lucca will cease support and access from 15 January 2022. 


As a Lucca customer, you can contact our Support department with any questions, malfunctions, improvement requests or usage advice.

Lucca guarantee to providing you with a relevant answer according to its SLA.

In the event of a malfunction during navigation, the product teams will reproduce the problem encountered in your environment with your help. 

Do not hesitate, therefore, to share the name of your browser and the version you are on so that we can provide you with a solution as quickly as possible (workaround or patch). 

However, in the event of a malfunction on an unsupported environment or on versions prior to the last two major browser versions, Lucca will only reproduce the problem in a nearby supported environment, and will make its best efforts to fix it if it is reproducible in that environment.

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