Integrating Lucca data into Power BI


Before you get started

Power BI is a business analysis service from Microsoft. It is designed to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a user-friendly interface so end-users can create their own reports and dashboards. This help page details the first configuration steps for integrating Lucca data into Power BI using the Lucca APIs.

Retrieve Lucca information 

Before you can use the Lucca APIs in Power BI, you need to retrieve two pieces of information from Lucca:

  1. The API Key that will give you the permissions on the data you want to use. A dedicated help page is available here: Generate an API key. The permissions to be given to the key can change for each customer depending on their needs and the solutions they have available
  2. The URL of the API you want to use. Our documentation on APIs is here. Lucca support is also available to assist you in this process.

Configuring Power BI

Configuration is relatively quick and easy in Power BI. Just follow these few steps to obtain the query:

Add a new query

From your Power BI, go to "File - Get data - Web"


Configure the query

Once the new query has been added, a new configuration window appears. Click on the "Advanced" tab to fill in your Lucca query, and follow these steps:

2.1 Enter the URL of the query you wish to perform

2.2 Enter the authentication header. This is an "Authorization" header with the value "lucca application=xxxxxx", xxxxxx being the API key used to authenticate you and collected in the first step.

⚠ You need to type "Authorization" in the field, as the term does not appear in the drop-down menu.


Accept the Lucca connection

The final step is to validate the connection to Lucca. To do this, select "Anonymous" and validate the connection:


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