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This help page will enable you to deploy the Pagga Meal vouchers application on your own, free of charge

You can also receive assistance by a Lucca consultant, if you prefer! We will charge you for the service. You will be sent an order form and lead times may be applied.

Pagga Meal vouchers is a free application that simplifies the (horrendously) time-consuming task of managing your monthly meal vouchers. If you have not already done so, we invite you to discover Pagga Meal vouchers here.

Step 1: Activate the application on your Lucca instance

As your company's HR administrator, log in to your Lucca instance. Then: 

- go to General settings > roles/roles and permissions (see points 1 and 2 in the screenshot below),

- select your primary Administrator role (point 3),

- select the application Pagga Meal vouchers (4),

- select "administer meal vouchers" (5).


If you can't find the Pagga Meal vouchers application in this "role" menu, click here to find out how to install it on your Lucca site in two minutes. 

You can now access Pagga Meal vouchers via the application banner:


If you do not have access to the "roles" menu, please contact your company's Lucca administrator so they can give you access to the application.

Step 2: Configure your Meal Voucher calculation

To define the scope and calculation rules for distributing meal vouchers, you must start by creating a regulation directly in Pagga Meal Vouchers.

The establishments must all have the same currency. An establishment can only belong to one set of rules. If your calculation rules differ from one establishment to another, you will need to create separate regulations.

  1. Open the Settings menu, click the "Create a regulation" button and select the name of the regulation (e.g. "France" for your establishments in France with identical MV calculation rules). Specify the period for which you will run your first MV calculation. Then after selecting the establishments concerned, followed by the issuer for the meal voucher order, click on the "Create a regulation" button.





We are currently managing the Swile, Edenred, Sodexo issuers. We are currently working on adding new ones. Is your meal voucher issuer is not listed?
• You can use our tool by selecting "other" to generate a standard .csv file for your order.
• We are interested! Please enter your issuer in the user satisfaction questionnaire at the bottom of this page.


2. In the first tab of the "Meal vouchers" regulation, enter the face value of the meal vouchers and the payment by the employer. You can save.


In France, in accordance with the rules of theURSSAF (French organization which collects social security and family allowance payments), the value borne by the employer must be between 50 and 60% of the value of the voucher.

3. In the second tab called "beneficiaries", select the employees to be excluded from the MV distribution.


You can add exclusion rules (e.g. "systematically exclude senior executives"). For more details, see the "Edit Beneficiaries" article.

You can define exceptions per employee relating to the start date of the regulation service or the type of voucher (paper or electronic) or even the default type of voucher for the issuer. Read this article: "Edit beneficiaries".

4. In the third tab called "calculation rules", set the following: 
  • the period for taking into account the number of days worked (month of the order M, or one month before the month of the order M-1, or two months before the month of the order M-2)
  • the period for deducting absences (month of the order M, or one month before the month of the order M-1, or two months before the month of the order M-2)
  • the period for deducting expenses (month of the order M, or one month before the month of the order M-1, or two months before the month of the order M-2)
  • if working only in the morning or in the afternoon gives the right to an MV
  • the absence threshold in hours above which an MV is deducted
  • any additional rules (information for employees)


The calculation rules suggested by default are the most common:

  • Period in which the number of days worked is taken into account = month of the order M. (October)
  • Period for deducting absences = month before the month of the order M-1 (September)
  • Period for deducting expenses = month before the month of the order M-1 (September)

These rules are used to minimize adjustments because of delays in entering absences and expenses.

It is possible to calculate your meal vouchers over a customized period: Calculate my meal vouchers over a displaced period


5. In the fourth tab called "Absence impact", select:

- The absence accounts that will deduct an MV during the calculation, and click on the yellow arrow to add them

- Absence accounts that will not deduct Meal Vouchers when calculated, click on the yellow arrow to add them, as shown below:


For each absence account, you must specify whether or not it will deduct MVs (you will not be able to run a calculation otherwise).
6. In the fifth tab called "expense impact", as above for the absence accounts and for each "restaurants and invitations" type expense, specify whether or not its reimbursement entails the deduction of an MV.
The above case corresponds to the most common practice: lunch expenses are deducted from Meal Vouchers, dinner expenses are not.

7. In the sixth tab called "order", check your issuer and fill in your client code, your attachment or delivery point, and/or your billing identifier (depending on the issuer).


Depending on the issuer, you can specify whether the vouchers are digitized by default (if not checked, paper vouchers are issued by default). For each beneficiary, you can define an exception if the employee wants paper and non-digitized vouchers using the "Beneficiaries" tab (find out more)

8. In the seventh tab called "export", you can choose between a generic pay export that will be generated with each order or enable an automatic transfer to Pagga Pay.


Step 3: Run a first Meal Voucher to test the application

Your MV calculation rules are now configured, run your first calculation using "distribution". There is no risk, this is a test! You can delete this first calculation and generate it again if you wish, particularly to adjust your regulations.

As long as you have not placed an order with your issuer or activated the module for employees in Lucca, only you will see this calculation.


After clicking on "calculate", do not hesitate to check the calculation by looking, for example, at your own case if you get MVs.

Expenses taken into account are those exported from the Cleemy Expenses module. The absences taken into account are those that have been validated in the Timmi Absences module.


Need more information on the calculation performed or on the manual input of the adjustment? Check out our dedicated help guide here.

Step 4: Generate your Meal Voucher order

After checking your calculation (and if necessary entering the adjustments), generate your first order for your issuer.



Two (or even three) files are generated:

  • the order file that youimport on the platform of your voucher issuer (Swile, Edenred and Sodexo only, for other issuers you will need to enter the information on the issuer's platform)
  • the export file for entering items in your payroll
  • a sign-in sheet if you distribute paper vouchers
Certains émetteurs demandent les adresses des collaborateurs dans les fichiers de commande. Nous ne fournissons pas encore cette information, mais c'est un chantier en cours de réflexion pour l'équipe produit.

Step 5: Give your employees access to their Meal Voucher calculation 

Now that you have completed your first MV order using Meal Vouchers, notify your employees by giving them access to a module which will show them how many MVs are distributed to them each month (as below).



In the "Roles" section (as in the first part of this article), select the "User" main role (1), then click on Pagga Meal Vouchers from the list of applications (2). You do not have to enable any operation in the section on the right (see below X). Do the same for the "Manager" role (and the other main roles).


You add this right to one or more roles. All the employees in these roles will have access to the individual situation of Pagga Meal Vouchers.

Step 6: Feedback! (3 minutes)

If you want to give us some feedback on the new application, the deployment kit or any other issue, do not hesitate to fill in this user satisfaction questionnaire.

To find out more, see our help pages on managing special cases and our FAQ.

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