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This page will help you configure the approval workflow of leave requests in Timmi Absences.

Configure approval steps

You can define the workflow steps in Configure > Preferences > Workflow. The workflow configuration is shared for all requests for all users.

There is no limit on the number of steps but we advise not to configure more than 2 or 3 steps.


Choose the approver

For each step you need to define an approver among:

  • the Manager;
  • the Manager of the manager;
  • the Head of Department;
  • the Custom Timmi Absences Approver (formerly Second leave requests approver);
  • a specific user.

The Custom Timmi Absences Approver is to be filled in the user file juste after the Manager. It allows to configure a different approver from the manager. You can set the Custom Timmi Absences Approver to be the user if you want this approval step to be skipped (as with the Manager, if you are your own manager the approval is not necessary).

Prevent auto approval of steps when the approver is not found

For each step you can choose to block auto approval when the approver is not found. This can happen if the user file is incomplete or if the approver has left the company. We request to have at least one step that prevent auto approval when the approver is not found to ensure at least one approval step.


Attention: if the approver is not found and the step blocks the request or the previous approval, an administrator will need to fill in the missing field.

Warning when approver are undefined

Timmi Absences shows warnings on each step it approvers are not defined for some users.


You can click on the number of users to show the list and access user files to update the information. You may see Managers or Timmi Absences approvers in the user file even if their contract has ended so make sure to check contracts dates.

Configure notifications upon approval

You can set up a notification when the request is fully approved.


Allow users to choose their approver

You can allow some users to choose their approvers. This can be helpful when working on projects with approval by the project manager (and not the users's manager).

You will need to create a user role with the permission Select approver. The scope will limit the user list from which the approver can be chosen from.


Attention: the selection of the approver will impact all workflow steps.

Default approvers will be the one defined in the workflow. You can check the list of users allowed to choose their approver from the workflow configuration page.


Configure notifications for leave accounts without approval

You can configure notifications when user enter requests that are not subject to approval. This can be helpful to give more flexibility and autonomy to users, while keeping managers informed.

The approval setting is defined at the account level in the account administration (Configure > Account).

Notifications can then be activated from the workflow configuration page in the advanced options.


The link opens the list of leave accounts not subject to approval and available to users (leave accounts available to admins only are not available yet), and you can select a person to notify.

Important: the notification is sent only when users request the leave from the Request menu. It is not sent when admins enter the leave from the Schedule management module.

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