Manage the visibility and modification rights of my HR file

Background information

The HR file of the Poplee Core HR solution is organized into sections, each of them being composed of data.

This article will allow you to configure the visibility rights of the sections of the HR file and the modification rights of the data that compose them.

The permissions to view and modify sections of the HR file are managed from the role administration.


Manage the visibility rights of a section

The visibility rights of the HR file are set for an entire section. It will not be possible to set different visibility permissions for data belonging to the same section. If you want to give different access to different data, you will have to create different sections.

To manage the visibility rights of a section, go to the settings wheel at the top right, then click on the role for which you want to define/modify the permissions.

Position yourself on the "Co-workers" solution and modify the permission "Consult the Hr file":


First, add all the sections that can be visible to the role in question and define the visibility perimeter for each of them.

The "User" perimeter will allow co-workers associated with the role to see the sections for themselves only.

The "Supervised employees" perimeter will allow the co-workers associated with the role to have access to the information of all the people entered as such in the user record.

If managers have access to their own information and that of their supervised employees, you will have to fill in the sections twice with different scopes, "user" for themselves and "supervised employees" for their team.


Manage the modification of data within a section

To manage the modification rights of a section the principle is the same as for the visibility rights.

However, it is possible to refine this parameterization data by data. Indeed, for a data to be modifiable, it must be defined as such in the configuration of the HR file:

Do exactly the same path as for accessing visibility permissions. Go down a little further in the permissions to access the one entitled "Modify the HR file".


As for the consultation, add the sections containing data that can be modified using the small "+" and define, for each section, the perimeters of modifications that you wish to grant to the role:


To define which data can be modified, go to the settings of the HR file and click on the section in question:


And check all the data you want to set as editable:


Caution, it is important to remember that these two actions are complementary. If you authorize the modification of the section and that no data is checked as editable in the HR file settings, the users associated with the role will not be able to modify any data within the scope you have defined.

The "Super modification" for administrators

The only exception to the above mentioned postula is in the "Super edit" permissions. The "Super modification" authorizes the modification of data, even when they are not checked "modifiable" in the settings of the HR file.

It is therefore mandatory that the administrators of Poplee Core HR have access to all sections in "Super edit" for all employees with the scope "All departments".


Feel free to check out the following page to verify that the settings are appropriate for you.

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