Activate team goals

Open permissions

To activate team goals, you need to use the following four permissions and adjust them to match the desired roles.

1. "View team goals": allows you to view team goals according to a scope (or perimeter). By default, I have the right to consult the team goals assigned to me.

  • For global sharing within a team, you can choose the "Department only" scope.
  • For more restricted visibility, use "Supervised employees" or "Specific users". 
  • As a reminder, you can combine several scopes by clicking on the "More" icon

2- "Categorize a goal as a team goal": allows you to choose between individual/team when creating or modifying a goal

This permission will be the preferred option for managers or team leaders to allow them to create the right goal category when they do reviews.

3- "See the immediate primary goals of my goals": allows me to see only the primary goals directly linked to my goals, those of my manager, for example. This permission automatically gives access to the "Tree" tab

4- "See the hierarchical line (primary out of all primaries) of my team goals": allows you to see all the goals that are connected above mine, by following the primary goals chart (not necessarily the same as the organizational chart on the Trombi side). For example, that of my manager up to that of the CEO. This permission automatically gives access to the "Tree" tab

Create team goals

Click on the "Add a goal" button and choose a category, after defining a title and steps:

If necessary, link to an existing primary goal (1):

Then create secondary goals (2), or attach as yet unrelated secondary goals (3)

Convert individual goals into team goals

During the review, the employee can define individual goals. The reviewer can then change the category at the click of a button, transforming it into a team goal and linking it to other goals. 

Note: This action requires the permission to "Create, modify, and delete goals" + "Categorize a goal as a team goal"

Team goals in reviews

Team goals appear in the form alongside individual goals. No distinction is made when setting up the campaign. Simply add a question of "Goal" types with a period, and both goal categories will be displayed in the forms.

View the tree

Permissions to view the immediate primary goal or those of my hierarchical line automatically grant access to this tab. It allows me to navigate and explore the goals of my department, and the company. It is useful for communicating the alignment of goals, and understanding the context of certain assignments or KPIs. It also helps to see goals that are not related to primary goals.

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