Timmi Absences News Autumn 2020


New hues in the trees
New colors in your schedules
New steps in workflows

What a weird year. The events distracted me and I haven't published news here since last autumn. But the team has been busy as we could all work from home. Here is a list of what we released in the last 9 month.

  • From March to June we relaeased the new approval interface. The detailed view of a request fits more details to help managers, with a new possibility to approve several requests in a row.
  • In June we added a new feature to manage advance notice on leave requests. Requests that don't respect the notice can be blocked or show an alert.
  • We updated the color palette for accouts and made the schedules more consistents.
  • We updated the scheduler in charge of monthly accruals. This was done under-the-hood and you shouldn't have noticed anything.
  • This summer we took some holidays but we also realeased a long awaited overhaul of an old export module dedicated to timeclock and ERP (similar to the payroll export module).
  • We updated the authentication method of our Outlook synchronization.
  • To conclude we slightly improved work from home management: work from home request can now be directly cancelled by users without requiring an approval, and there is a better sync with calendars.

We are currently working on the following projects, expected to be released before the end of the year or early 2021.

  • More workflow options: more approval steps, more choices of approvers (manager of manager, head of department, specific user).
  • New notifications on leave accounts without approval. You can finally have a Work from home account that doesn't require approval, but with notifications to the manager (or someone else).
  • New notifications to third-party users when a leave request is approved.
  • Update of the annual schedule view.
  • Update of the credit/debit modules for manual adjustments.
  • Update of the entitlements regularization module with new rule options.

I will keep you informed at the end of the year with the Winter update.

Take care and talk to you soon. 🖐⬇️🎤

Tristan, for the Timmi Absences team






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