The Daily/Hourly Average Billing Rates (ABR)

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The daily/hourly average bill rate is the key indicator on project management profitability in Timmi Projects.

It shows the revenue made by time unit spent on a billable project


In this example, Marie worked 4 days on project ABC, sold €8,000. Her daily A.B.R. is equal to 8,000/4 = €2,000.

The A.B.R. highlights the financial performance of project management in the difference between the initial A.B.R. (ratio between the price and the initial budget in duration) and the effective A.B.R.

In the example above, the initial (sold) A.B.R. was of €1,600, but the final A.B.R. is of €2,000. Marie spent less time than estimated on this project.

Undiscounted A.B.R.

Timmi Projects adds a new type of A.B.R. with the Undiscounted A.B.R. It is a fictive A.B.R. corresponding to the ratio between the revenue of the project if it had not been discounted, and the time spent on the project.

It enables to compare the performance of consultants in Timmi Projects > Team without the bias of commercial performance (if the price has been discounted, the initial A.B.R. is lower).


The Undiscounted A.B.R. is based on the default team member price defined in Timmi Projects > Settings > Organization:


For example, let us consider a project sold €9,000 with a budget of 10 days. If Marie works 10 days on this project, at the end of the project her daily A.B.R. will be equal to 9,000/10 = €900. But if the default team member price is €1,000, her Undiscounted A.B.R. will be equal to 1,000*10/10 = €1,000.

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