Attachments During Onboarding

Background information

Adding or sharing attachments at certain stages of onboarding is convenient: future employees before their arrival, managers once work begins. See the steps below.

Sharing a document when the onboarding form is sent to the future employee

You cannot add an attachment, however, you can include a link to a document saved elsewhere.


There are numerous solutions, some of which your company probably already uses: WeTransfer, Framadrop, Google Drive. Sometimes, IT teams develop internal tools and make them available: please feel free to ask them to help with sharing or their opinion on your choice of tool.

Adding an attachment in a task

Tasks are found at the bottom of the onboarding configuration page. You have several default options available, which you can customise by adding attachments.

Below is an example of the ‘Explain the company’s history’ task, to which you can add a presentation to assist the manager. Add an attachment by clicking on ‘Browse’.


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