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Each month, Pagga Meal vouchers calculates the number of meal vouchers to be distributed to your employees, based on their number of days worked, their absences and their expenses. It then automatically generates the order to the issuer of your meal vouchers. 

You can generate an order for meal vouchers if the calculation of the meal vouchers has been completed and if the period is in progress or has expired. The app also authorizes the generation of the order for the following period (for early orders).

View calculation results

  1. Open Distribution menu.
  2. Click "Go to results" for the regulation on which you wish to place the order.

The details of the meal voucher calculation results for each employee are displayed.

Place an order 

To generate a meal voucher order from the result of the calculation:

  1. Click the "Generate the order" button (The list of actions, that will be performed when generating the order, is displayed).
  2. Click on "Confirm" to generate the order.
  3. The order is placed, the generated files are available and your employees now have access to the distribution from their individual situation.
  4. Click on a file to download it.


The actions performed when generating the order depend on the settings of your regulations, your issuer and your beneficiaries:


  • If at least one employee has "paper" type meal vouchers, a PDF attendance sheet is generated. If all the employees accept "digitized" meal vouchers, no attendance sheet is generated.
  • An order file is generated for the sender for ordering meal vouchers. Its format respects that of the issuer.
  • A generic export file for payroll is generated in CSV format.

Once the order has been placed, you will be able to launch the calculation for the following period (in this case, the month of September).



Some issuers ask for the addresses of the employees in the order files. We do not provide this information yet, but the production team is currently working on this issue.

Deleting an order 

You want to delete an order generated by mistake. If this is the last order generated, you can delete it.

To delete an order:

  1. Click on the "Delete order" button in the details of the results.
  2. Confirm
  3. The order is deleted.


Frequently asked questions 

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The "Delete order" button is missing

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