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Every month, Pagga Meal vouchers calculates the number of meal vouchers to distribute to your employees, based on the number of worked days, absences and expenses. It then automatically generates the order to the issuer of your meal vouchers. 


To open the meal vouchers received each month, as an employee, you just need to open Pagga Meal vouchers.


If you are an administrator of the Meal vouchers module, open the "Individual situation" menu.


At a glance, the employee can consult and above all understand the details of the calculation of the number of meal vouchers received during the current period:

  • Number of days eligible for the calculation and calculation detail (e.g. the number of public holidays or the number of part-time days counted)
  • Details of the deductions following their absences
  • Details of the deductions following the reimbursement of lunch or entertainment expenses
  • Details of +/- adjustments made during the period by the administrator 

For each absence, expense or adjustment, the following is specified:

  • If it is an addition (+) or a withdrawal (-) of meal vouchers
  • The number of meal vouchers concerned
  • La date du jour de l’événement
  • The type of the event (name of absence account, expense type or comment for the manual adjustments)

The following is also specified at the level of the expenses:

  • The expense report number, if the expense report was made by the employee.
  • The employee who invited them, if the employee was invited by another person on an expense report, 

Consult the history

The history of the latest calculated periods is accessible at the top left. You can consult the detail of the corresponding calculation for each month.




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