Manage your legal units and establishments

General definitions

To better correspond to your organisation, we have two strong concetps : legal units and establishments.

Legal units correspond to the entity on a legal view, and establishments are the production units, where the legal unit operates. A legal unit must declare at least one establishment (headquarters). However, an establishment can not be linked to several legal units, even if they operate on the same place.  

How are they used in Lucca?

In Lucca application, establishments and legal units are the first setup basis. They define how Lucca applications will work. Establishments are also be used as a filter criteria to identify a specific population.

How it works ?

From your LuccaAdmin center (...), you can manage both Legal Units & Establishment. 

General information

The module can be used to manage legal units and establishments and the links between them.

A legal unit is own by :

  • A name
  • A code
  • A country and legal identification numbers (for France only).

An establishment is own by :

  • A name
  • A code
  • An address (in the country of his legal unit)
  • An identification numbers (for France only).

You also can define your bank holidays calendar.


You can archive your legal units and establishments following this short conditions :

  • Archive a legal unit : it must not be linked to an active establishment 
  • Archive an establishment : no active user must be linked to it


Access rights 

Only a Lucca consultant can create new legal units and establishments because it is used for billing.

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