Implement a notice period for leave requests

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Timmi Absences allows you to define a notice period on absence requests, to guarantee that the requests are made with enough time in advance. You can manage different notice periods for different leave accounts, and include or exclude cancelation requests.

Setting up notice period rules

Select a regulation in "Configure - Regulations", then in Rules you can add a new rule Notice period before beginning of absence

You must enter the following information:

  • Value of the notice period: number of calendar days, weeks or months of notice required before beginning of absence
  • Account(s): accounts on which the notice period will be required
  • Request type: define if the notice applies to absence requests or cancelation requests or both. For absence requests, the notice period can be non-blocking (warning only).
  • Population (optional): if you wish to restrict the rule to certain institutions, occupation categories or departments.


Display warnings to the user

When an employee requests absence Timmi Absences will not suggest an automatic allocation on the accounts for which the notice period has not been followed. If the employee edits the allocation and includes an account for which the notice period is not observed, the request is blocked and an error message is displayed.

Display the warning to the administrator

When an administrator enters an absence in the Schedule Management module, if the absence does not comply with the notice period, Timmi Absences displays a warning. Whether the notice period is blocking or not, the administrator can override the registration if desired.

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