Exporting Answers of a Review Campaign

Background information

The export of review answers can be performed during the campaign. It is not necessary to wait for the campaign to end to export your answers. The help article Following and analyzing a review campaign explains how to export the answers from one or several campaigns at the same time. In this help article, we will focus on the data that can to be extracted onto an Excel sheet.

Exporting answers of a review campaign

In order to export answers from a review campaign, please go to “Campaigns” and click among the ongoing campaigns or terminated campaigns to select the one you wish to export. Once you have reached the campaign supervision interface, you will be able to export the answers by clicking on the “Export all responses” button.


Information available in the report

The export of answers is displayed as an Excel sheet composing of three tabs.


The Raw data tab displays the answers from the selected review campaign, and the following information for a more accurate analysis:

  • Email 
  • Employee number
  • Contract start date
  • Department
  • Legal entity
  • Socio-professional group
  • Reviewer
  • Date of review
  • Form save date
  • Manager email
  • Campaign category

The Pivot table tab allows you to generate graphs with the information from the first tab.

Finally, the Goals export tab focuses on goals and displays the completion level in a schematic manner:


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