New color palette for absences

Absence color management changes in Figgo. Here is what's improved.

Color settings

Colors are now managed directly at the account level.


Each account can have a custom color, or use the default color (green).

You can set a custom color directly on categories if you want all accounts in this category to inherit from it.

There is now only one color by account: pending request will be displayed with the same color but hatched (same as schedule management and mobile app).



Custom color are still displayed only for users  who can see the details of an absence (usually the user, his/her manager and administrators).


The new color palette is more accessible. We selected new joyful colors with a good contrast with text in calendars to improve readability.


In order to provide a qualitative experience for all users, we decided to update all previous custom colors to the closest color in the new palette. Don't panic if you see your color change slightly.


More colors, by default!

In all calendars (Request, Schedule, Schedule Management) we now display custom colors by default. You can still hide them and show only the default green temporarily if needed.

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