[New] Evolution of Expenses module

The objective of this evolution is to offer a module that is ergonomically and functionally more adapted to the new practices of users. Bank synchronization, optical character recognition and the collection of invoices have made it possible to automate the creation of the majority of expenses. The user is therefore now more in a logic of verification of the expenses created automatically by Cleemy Expenses rather than in a logic of manual entry.

General information

A banner is available on your expense list and allows you to access the new interface. Of course, you can come back to the current interface at any time. 

This new module facilitates expense creation and verification. Expense report submission was also fully redesigned.

List of expenses

The expense list has evolved visually to facilitate reading information and expense identification. 


mceclip1.pngExpenses with guests                                        mceclip3.pngExpenses with warning

mceclip2.pngNon-refundable expenses                                  mceclip4.pngExpenses with comments

You can now filter your expenses according to their statut to facilitate their treatment:


  • Invalid: Expense with a missing mandatory information or with an error. These expenses cannot be declared.
  • To verify: Expense automatically created by Cleemy Expenses (Bank synchronizations, optical character recognition or collection of receipts) but not yet opened and verified by the user.

Expense form

The expense form has also evolved to facilitate expense creation. Here are some examples

  • Mileage : mceclip2.png
  • Internal attendees :



To finish, it’s now possible to create an expense even if the user doesn’t have all the mandatory information to submit it. This expense will be considered as invalid. It will not be possible to submit it inside an expense report. It’s like a “draft” of the final expense.


Expense report preparation and declaration

By selecting the expense to submit the user can start the preparation of the expense report:



The submission of the expense report is enhanced with a summary table of the preparation of expense reports. It shows the different expense reports that will be created and facilitate the understanding of the amount reimbursed:


Evolution to come

This module will soon be enhanced with new features.

Automatic recognition of receipts

The automatic recognition of receipts is available only on Cleemy Expenses mobile application (Automatic recognition). This feature will be available on the web platform at the beginning of summer 2020. A drag and drop will allow you to create automatically an expense from the list.

Highlighting of automatically detected fields

To facilitate the control of expenses created via automatic recognition, the fields detected by the system will be highlighted. It will allow the user to quickly identify the position of each field on the receipt.

Expense group

Some information such as providers, projects, clients could be in your current list according to your parameters. These elements aren't in the table anymore. We would like to introduce the possibility to group your expenses according different element (providers, project…) to answer this need

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