Postponing an Onboarding due to a New Contract Start Date

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The arrival date of a co-worker can be postponed for several reasons. If you have already launched the co-worker's onboarding, the due dates of tasks will not be automatically updated. 

In this case you have two possibilities. 

Manual edition of dates

If only a few tasks are concerned, you can manually edit the due dates by clicking on “Edit” icon of the task.


If it concerns a lot of tasks, you can use the second possibility, which consists in interrupting the ongoing procedure to start a new one. 

Launch a new onboarding procedure

First, you have to interrupt the initial procedure started.


The interruption of the onboarding will delete all ongoing tasks. A deletion notification will be sent to task supervisors.

Once the procedure has been interrupted, you can find it in the “Archived” section. Then you will be able to start a new procedure that will create the tasks, taking into account the new contract start date.


Launching a new onboarding will send a new email. We advise you to customize the email to keep the future co-worker informed about the reason for this new email.

This new launch will also create all the tasks, whether they have already been completed or not during the initial procedure. You can delete them from the list before starting the procedure.

The tasks that were completed previously can be identified by accessing the former procedure.

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