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Background Information

Lucca Mood means smile in Japanese. This is the name of a team motivation monitoring method used in agile management.

It allows managers to monitor the well-being of their team on a daily basis, based on their working conditions, workload or the smooth running of a project, so as to to quickly identify risky situations. 


The Lucca Mood application allows co-workers to qualify each working day by choosing between  4 mood options.

The co-workers and their manager can consult the team chart.

The average and the participation rate are displayed, providing an overall performance forecast for the current week. The 2 previous weeks always remain accessible.


Click here to discover our advice on how to use it.

Go to Lucca Mood

To access Lucca Mood, please click the Application button on the top banner of your Lucca screen, then on Lucca Mood:  


It can also be accessed directly on the home page: 


Customizing visibility

The Lucca Mood visibility scope board can be configured depending on the role (administrator, manager, user),  via the cogwheel on the top right-hand corner of the screen > Roles.


Once in the role interface, simply choose the role in question and click on "+" to the right of Lucca Mood: 


Then activate the "See current and past week" permission by selecting the scope in the drop-down list: 


There are different types of access scopes:

  • Departments from level N: this refers to all users assigned to the level N department and their sub-departments by positioning themselves at the level of the co-worker with the role. The idea is to go up the department tree from the position of the co-worker with the role to level N, and then to retrieve the list of all the co-workers belonging to this branch of the tree.
  • Department and lower levels: all co-workers belonging to the same department as the user with the role, as well as all those who belong to possible sub-departments.
  • Department only: all co-workers belonging to the same department as the user with the role.
  • User: this is the user with the role itself.
  • Supervised co-workers: all co-workers who manage the user with the role. Handy for setting up a manager role!

The Lucca Mood board can offer a team display. We therefore recommend to activate the "Department only" scope for all roles.

If you want the co-worker to have access to their answers only, please choose the "User" scope.

In the case of managers who have supervised co-workers on different teams, you can extend their scope by adding the "Supervised co-workers" scope:


These are simple recommendations. You are entirely free to customise the scopes of visibility according to your company's structure and needs.

Customizing the interface

You can customize the Lucca Mood interface according to your company’s needs:


To do so, please click the cogwheel on the top right-hand side of the application:


The Lucca Mood configuration interface  opens, where you can choose the title of the page, the description of the title, any translations and whether or not to activate the smileys (which are then replaced by dots) :


Please note that these changes will apply to all users!

Average and participation

The average and the participation are calculated according to the scope of visibility. Thus, a co-worker who only gets to see their own department will be displayed the average and participation of their department only. A  department manager who sees their department and all sub-departments will see the average and participation of their entire scope. 


Calculating the average

red day is worth 0 ; orange = 2 ; yellow = 3 ; green = 5.

The average displayed will be:

  • red between 0 and 1 included
  • orange between 1 and 2.5 excluded
  • yellow between 2.5 and 4 excluded
  • green between 4 and 5


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